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  1. Happy Birthday Tom Ellison!

  2. Happy Birthday Tom Ellison!

  3. Happy Birthday Tom Ellison!

  4. Hey All, Hope everyone is well and long time since i last posted! Does anyone have advice or opinions on a good ARB setup on the Z. I have looked through google and seems like there are mixed opinions. Majority recommend a hard rollbar setup on front and soft on the back which seems to be what most rear wheel drive cars go for. Although I have seen people mention medium on the back and soft on the front for Z's. After opinions as I had one put on the back which i think Abbey Motorsport put on medium. Took it on Silverstone yesterday and it definitely had some nice turn in on the corners but not decided whether it is better or can be even better with a different setup. Hope someone has a good setup already they can recommend Thanks Tom
  5. Happy Birthday Tom Ellison!

  6. it was good fun. With a good run I should be able to squeeze in an 8... The oil was up at 125 so it could of been. It's a downhill section so the car isn't exactly under load but maybe that caused a rapid spike that just caused a cut. The actual cut was really quick but I let if roll and gradually put my foot down after i checked temps etc... Passenger loved it ha ha
  7. https://youtu.be/PvG2KcNj_sM The above is from the weekend if anyone fancies seeing a Z on the ring
  8. Just an update that I've been driving the car since the above mods on the 14th April and it's the nuts . The car is now an "event" when I go for a drive. After the mods at Abbey the car is up to 355bhp at the flywheel and feels good. The exhaust sounds like a race car . Maybe a bit too loud for some but I love it. The ecutek is a trick bit of kit and I now always run the Abbey motorsport traction control as its so much better than the Nissan one and I can customize. Loving it
  9. I've had the hks panel filters in for a year so all seems fine I think. Getting the ecutek as I've never had a remap and it's only a bit more than the uprev in the long run and has some good functionality and hopefully better if I upgrade anything at a later date. I shall let you know after the 14th when the exhaust system and map is completed
  10. Yep I was spot on 678mm. So you've got a 25mm drop on standard springs due to weight. Are you thinking coilovers as I'm guessing that would still keep you at a similar height but firmer?
  11. Interesting, in theory mine should be 678mm then as Abbey motorsport measured a 30mm drop on mine and did hunter alignment to dial it back in. So you're probably only 5mm above mine. Think I will measure tonight
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