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  1. Hi everyone i have a damaged front rim on my 2018 black nismo apparently its to deep for a diamond cut . Has anyone a good condition rim cheers Kevin
  2. Hi Anybody know of a fair price for a nismo front drivers mat any help etc would be appreciated Cheers Kevin
  3. I mentioned this topic a few weeks ago and was told by members that E10 was suitable for my 370z Nismo..this is incorrect ive been to three reputable petrol stations Bp ultimate. shell V Power and esso supreme. And they are all E5 ..The E10 is unleaded 95 octane...so just thought id put this out there again.
  4. Hi everyone does anyone know how this E5 & E10 Fuel malarkey is gonna effect our 370z i have a 2018 nismo are we still gonna be able to still use v power or The BP Supreme and if they phase out the 97 octane which one of the E5 or E10 will we be able to use...any thoughts would be of interest cheers kevin
  5. Hi quick question i have a 2018 370z nismo it looks very similar to my 6 cd changer in my old 2009 370z ?question is am i right in saying the cd for the nismo only takes one cd at a time..Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info.i paid him so ile get him back to check it again .strange it revs slightly high on changing down..??
  7. Thanks for all the replies regarding tyres etc .was much appreciated. .for the last 20yrs ive had the same tune up bloke working on my car replacing sensors plugging into the ecu etc.and when I bought my 2004 350z he was the first person I callled to do a complete check of the system , but since he cleaned the air intake ive noticed when I change down my rev counter goes up to about 1100 revs but when its stationery it ticks over at about 1000 revs ....is this normal on changing down through the box but doesnt do it when changing up....!! Only changing down. He did mention that it would sort itself out but 2 weeks later its still the same ..?
  8. Cheers paul..im taking it to a place in brackley and was told you get a printout of what the car is doing ! Its a free check and than you make up your mind what and how much you wanna pay to rectify any problems...strange though cps my audi tt went straight on to normal tracking with no problems ..just a bit weird why he suggested this special type of alignment
  9. Strange one this.!! I posted a topic few days ago about new tyres etc and all your comments and replies were appreciated. ? Eventually settled for 2 avon front tyres..but was a bit surprised by the comment from the fitter ! He said it would be a waste of time trying to track your front wheels as it would be a waste of time ..I pressed him further on his comments and he said it needs to go on a special alignment system that tests the camber or words to that effect..apparently it gives a print out on what the cars doing etc..has anyone had this experience before with tracking on there 350z..and is it unusual to be told that normal everyday tracking wouldnt be good enough..??
  10. Hello everyone need some expert suggestions I need two new tyres 245/45/18.dont wanna break the bank but dont want economy either...any help would be a ppreciated thanks
  11. Thanks for the advise..I must admit I get some admiring looks at the car trouble is theres allways someone who gets jealous and has to scratch something that they dont own..so ile be selective in where I leave it of a nite.kev
  12. Thanks for the reply..I drove it back from kent saturday and did have a fiddle it was coldish but not ice cold..I was hopling I could of just had the normal fan on and just use the air from outside..as you say it could be the aircon needs recharging.just drove it about 6 miles up the road and didnt haver the vents open and the temp inside felt ok.
  13. Thanks everyone .tried to download photos but apparently the image was to big..surprising as im only using samsung galaxy 3..try and ave another butchers at it later..cheers for all the messages..kev
  14. After buying my 350 4days ago I seem to keep fiddling with the heater controls.trying to create an air flow without opening the windows..either not cold enough or just to hot ..would appreciate any tips from members with slot more knowledge than myself thanks.
  15. Hi just signed up to this forum..having just purchased a 2003/4 black 350z.
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