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  1. Hi Everyone, I have replied too with the following as being okay for me, although I may be able to add the 24th of April if that happens to be a good date for everyone else too: 15th May 12th June 30th September Steve.
  2. That's what I do too. Saves a lot of time. 👍
  3. Hi Neil, I'll be interested in the Cornering Masterclass if one is being organised. Steve.
  4. You might as well buy the full version of Torque. It's only several quid. Then you can buy a 3rd party plugin for it called 'Advanced EX for Nissan' that gives you a few more sensors. You can't get all of them because they are proprietary data of the manufacturer. I find I only used it to understand how the various sensors work. It's not very useful while driving, in fact it can be very distracting. Also you need a good quality OBDII reader to provide data quick enough for a smooth display.
  5. I was with Adrian Flux for a good few years as they weren't too bothered by mods such as exhausts, but by far the biggest advantage with them was the 'Flex Drive' bolt on giving me £20,000 of fully comp cover on someone else's car. It was only £15 more, and I think when I was last a customer it went up to £20 or £25. I had to leave them last year as rhe best quote they give me was much, much more than anyone else but I'll try again later in the year while I'm up for renewal.
  6. Hi, What app are you using?
  7. I renewed my car insurance last November. £370 for the 370Z and £160 for my little Mini run around. What's a pain is I usually insure at least the Mini with Adrian Flux as they have a useful 'bolt on' called Flex Drive that gives fully comp. cover of the first 20k when driving someone else's car, but the best they could quote me was over double everyone else this year for some reason.
  8. Hello Les, Mine is 10 years old now. Stuff I have had done above standard P1, P2, P3 service schedules are the following: Gearbox and differential oil change. Torque up rear hub nuts (to solve rear axle click). Exhaust gaskets. Big jubilee clips around the cat heat shields as they tend to corrode and start hanging off. Pollen filter every 2 years. Next thing to do: Clean throttle bodies and perform the reset procedure.
  9. Sorted the rear clicking axle, for now. It was only very subtle when rocking the car with 1st and reverse and having both windows down to hear it. Quick job. I used some moly based axle grease between the faces of the driveshaft rear face of the hub. Not sure why this needs greasing apart from to ease removal. Retorqued the hub nut to 105Nm and kept the crown thing over the axle nut, but using a good side of it then new split pin. If it comes back I'll use the Kawasaki axle nut with additional washers fix. They appear to be widely available for about £8 each.
  10. A blue 370Z roadster on the M4 this morning, pulled off onto the M32 into Bristol. VA10 something. It looked very nice.
  11. I replaced the exhaust gaskets yesterday. I had to admit defeat and take the car to an exhaust and tyre place to do it. I couldn't even get one bolt off trying to do it myself on axle stands. The owner of the tyre and exhaust place loved the car because he was telling me he used to own a 300ZX. They needed to heat the bolts up with a torch to loosen them so they said I had no chance trying to do it in the path. haha. Anyway, nearly two weeks ago I was buying gaskets. Various retailers were selling gasket kits for the Invidia Gemini for £50 upwards it seemed, although some did come with a new set of nuts and bolts, so I purchased one. I also noticed this place, ClampCo UK. (link below). I used Chubbs sketch and Paul's pictures to estimate a key dimension that was missed off the sketch, the "eye to eye" dimension. Using a rule against the screen (proper engineering) I estimated the E-E dimension to be 90mm. I had a look on the ClampCo UK website and found these for only £1.32 each. Bargain! When I received them, they were individually packed, looked as good quality as the Gemini gasket kit I also ordered, although slightly thinner. I took them to the tyre and exhaust place and they said they were a perfect fit. https://www.clampcouk.co.uk/eceg126-sug3-exhaust-gasket.html Having a browse through all the other gaskets, they also manufacture gaskets from mild steel and stainless steel although I didn't have time to look into these, I went for ones similar to the gasket kit I already had. It looks like this company sell a few other things at a good price too.
  12. Hi, What does everyone use to source parts? At the moment I use an online catalogue to find the part number. For the site below you need to create an account, but you can input your VIN to filter down the search to the correct parts for your model, year, etc. It allows 10 searches based on VIN before they want you to purchase something and then they will credit you with another 10 searches by VIN. Alternatively, you can just search by entering model, year, body shape, transmission, etc. When you go to the shopping basket it then pops up with a Nissan franchisee, Bristol Street Motors. You then have the option of purchasing with delivery or collection from one of the Bristol Street Motors dealerships. https://www.carparts-catalogs.com/UK/oem-catalogs/index.php When armed with the part numbers I need, I then usually browse for the part number in eBay or wider in Google to see what pops up.
  13. I need to source some exhaust gaskets. My car failed it's MOT yesterday because of a high lambda reading on fast idle in the emissions test. Examiner said this will because by the leaking gaskets that he noted in the advisories along with deteriorating heat shield. I will have a fun day next weekend crawling under the car to replace them before the end of the 10 day retest window. I might as well clean out the throttle bodies while I am at it.
  14. Those blue and yellow tower things are site security as another person posted. They are normally left in the middle of yards guarding plant equipment. I saw one driving through Scotland earlier in the year and worried thinking it was a sneaky camera, but it was security for some generators fenced off near a lay by. I guess they get placed near a road to capture any vehicles used to take away stolen equipment.
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