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  1. Hi Sarah ... Handed mine this morning … Thank-you. Would it not be better posting the club letter on here rather than wasting ink and paper. Keep up the great work. Vicky xx
  2. Wishing you a very happy Birthday Greg, I hope you have a good one. Vicky x
  3. I sold it several months ago, my old landrover was getting too expensive to repair, I only used the Z for several months of the year and I though it best to sell it to someone who was going to use it more, so the only way was to sell the Z and get a newer landy. I now have a lovely Black 3 year old Discovery sport HSE Luxury, 250 Petrol Auto, 4WD, black 20" wheels, privacy glass …... and I love it. I am now looking out for an old cheap Suzuki 4WD offroader for my shooting and fishing. Vicky x
  4. Good afternoon Dave and a very happy Birthday. I hope you have a good one. Vicky x
  5. Hope all goes well for your move, another 3 and a bit years until I officially retire, then hope to move to Dorset …. But who knows what will happen between now and then. I will give to a wave on the way past when I go to Norwich in a couple of months time. Stay safe Vicky x
  6. Hi John …. Sorry I missed your big day, anyway …. I hope you had a lovely day. Vicky x
  7. You both have lovely properties to move into, great news for you all. Vicky x
  8. Dam …. So sorry I missed it too, belated Birthday wishes from me too! Vicky x
  9. Good evening all .... and i thank-you for all the lovely wishes. Not been on here for a while since i sold the Z ..... but i am still here, you never know i might turn up at an event sometime. Vicky xx
  10. Hello Chas .. Sorry i missed your Birthday, so it's late Birthday wishes from me. Vicky x
  11. YAY !!!! Thank-you so much as I did not want the people thinking I was ignoring them x
  12. Shout ! Thanks Sarah .. My Horsham post is not showing a reply box for me at the bottom x
  13. Ah …. I can reply to this one ! But not the one I posted. Vicky x
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