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  1. Hi John …. Sorry I missed your big day, anyway …. I hope you had a lovely day. Vicky x
  2. You both have lovely properties to move into, great news for you all. Vicky x
  3. Dam …. So sorry I missed it too, belated Birthday wishes from me too! Vicky x
  4. Good evening all .... and i thank-you for all the lovely wishes. Not been on here for a while since i sold the Z ..... but i am still here, you never know i might turn up at an event sometime. Vicky xx
  5. Hello Chas .. Sorry i missed your Birthday, so it's late Birthday wishes from me. Vicky x
  6. YAY !!!! Thank-you so much as I did not want the people thinking I was ignoring them x
  7. Shout ! Thanks Sarah .. My Horsham post is not showing a reply box for me at the bottom x
  8. Ah …. I can reply to this one ! But not the one I posted. Vicky x
  9. Is it me having a blonde moment !! … I put a post up and had answers to it, however I am unable to reply to them ? Help please. Vicky x
  10. When I first joined I asked a very similar question and I was soon put on the right track by these guys, now I only use either Tesco Ultimatum or Shell V-Power and always fill up before a long journey and plan a route that will take me past a Tesco or Shell garage.
  11. I would like to wish all a very happy new year, hopefully a vaccine will be available for all very soon. Stay safe. Vicky x
  12. Ditto with the Z, Garaged, covered and not coming out until the sun makes an appearance and the salt is off the roads..... got it out of the garage yesterday to turn over and keep the parts moving and electrics charged. Cannot wait until the spring and hopefully this virus is under control !!! Vicky x
  13. I have to get 2 x Michelin P sport4 and 2 x Michelin P sport4s for my Z, but I am going to wait for the new year. I blame MK for a lot of things 😁 but then they do have some good clubs. Vicky x
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