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  1. Hello Chas .. Sorry i missed your Birthday, so it's late Birthday wishes from me. Vicky x
  2. YAY !!!! Thank-you so much as I did not want the people thinking I was ignoring them x
  3. Shout ! Thanks Sarah .. My Horsham post is not showing a reply box for me at the bottom x
  4. Ah …. I can reply to this one ! But not the one I posted. Vicky x
  5. Is it me having a blonde moment !! … I put a post up and had answers to it, however I am unable to reply to them ? Help please. Vicky x
  6. When I first joined I asked a very similar question and I was soon put on the right track by these guys, now I only use either Tesco Ultimatum or Shell V-Power and always fill up before a long journey and plan a route that will take me past a Tesco or Shell garage.
  7. I would like to wish all a very happy new year, hopefully a vaccine will be available for all very soon. Stay safe. Vicky x
  8. Ditto with the Z, Garaged, covered and not coming out until the sun makes an appearance and the salt is off the roads..... got it out of the garage yesterday to turn over and keep the parts moving and electrics charged. Cannot wait until the spring and hopefully this virus is under control !!! Vicky x
  9. I have to get 2 x Michelin P sport4 and 2 x Michelin P sport4s for my Z, but I am going to wait for the new year. I blame MK for a lot of things 😁 but then they do have some good clubs. Vicky x
  10. There is a wheel picture on my album, not a brilliant one … but it is there ! Vicky x
  11. Nice one Paul, looking a bit different, but i am sure it will all be good. Vicky x
  12. Thank-you for the info Paul, keep up the fantastic work guys … and girls. Vicky x
  13. Hi Sarah ... Hope you are keeping safe and well. What are the forum upgrades ? Vicky x
  14. Good morning John and a very happy Birthday to you. Vicky x
  15. Slight mistake … It was Abbey Motorsport who quoted me, not Horsham. Vicky x
  16. Hi Joe .. I find this question very interesting as i too am considering the same. I contacted Horsham develpoments to ask what i could get after i had fitted a cat-back exhaust also if i fitted an aFe Takeda stage 2 pro-dry air induction long tube system. I was advised that I would get heat soak into the long tubes, probably best stick with the factory fitted tubes and fit K&N panel filters (had already fitted panel filters), then best go for Ecutek as they have moved away from Uprev.. Seems like the Ecutek has more options, although I would be limited on a couple of the options as m
  17. Sorry ... Missed the 25th !! Wishing you a belated happy Birthday. Vicky x
  18. Such a shame that you had to sell your much loved car, never good having a car like that parked outside and not driving it as often as you would like. Hopefully you will be back behind the wheel of another sometime in the future. Vicky x
  19. Looks like it has been 3D printed Paul... that's the kind of finish we get on parts that have been printed. Vicky x
  20. Def a nice deep Blue 350. Mine is a Pearlescent White 370 GT Auto, does not come out of the garage if it is raining though !! Vicky x
  21. I too have seen a Grey 370 several times in WGC, also a lovely Blue 350 .. he sometimes parks in Sainsbury's underground car park lunchtime. Vicky x
  22. Fantastic news as they really started to click as a team. Not only that i can keep my Oliver Rowland cap i purchased Vicky x
  23. Good afternoon Joan .. Wishing you a very happy Birthday, i hope you have a great day. Vicky x
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