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  1. Gav C

    Silver 370z

    Spotted a silver 370z this morning just outside Leeds city centre, 11 plate, standard but looked tidy.
  2. Gav C

    Black 370z Nismo

    Spotted tonight on my way home from work this evening, I think I know the owner, a former 350z owner that used to live in the same street as me but I haven`t seen him to talk to since I saw him in the Nismo a couple of years ago.
  3. I suspect the been pattern might be different, even the Morimoto replacement headlights for the 370z are in LHD and RHD probably for the same reason.
  4. Happy birthday chief spotter, have a good day 🍻
  5. I think it is only standard on the special editions, I don`t think the Nismo`s have them.
  6. It was easy, just plug and play, the hardest part was running the wiring past the centre console, took me around an hour.
  7. I bought some from Toquen and fitted them myself, they are a nice addition 👍
  8. Yeah, I know all about that sort of thing after I ordered one from Tayna, the bag it was in was half full of acid and their customer support left a lot to be desired.
  9. Iv`e just ordered a Bosch S4 068 battery from Amazon, £75.50, the same battery on EuroCrapParts was £112 😲 Delivery on Wednesday so that will be next Sunday`s job.
  10. Unknown but I`m assuming it`s the original battery so maybe nine years old. It was a bit sluggish through the winter so I think it`s time for a replacement, I just hate having to reset the clocks, windows etc and then if it doesn`t recognise the keys afterwards it becomes a nightmare. You would think that they had a small backup battery to store information like that in this day and age 🤔
  11. After trying to find a ignition live feed in the engine bay last Sunday for my next project, which involved a lot of door opening and closing and ignition on and off it seems my battery is no longer up to the task As I found out on Wednesday evening when I went out to test the LED halos and found the door wouldn`t open, only with the key, which I found odd. I set up my test wire to the battery and tested all the halos, everything was fine until I went to close the door and found that the window had gone back up and the door was locked. The fob wouldn`t work so I changed the battery (twice) to no avail and nothing else seemed to work and only when I tried the seat adjustment and the seat moved a few millimetres and stopped did it occur to me it was actually the car battery and not the fob that was the issue. Are there any precautions I need to take before hand as I have read quite a few cases where the fob isn`t detected after a battery change or other strange behaviour. One thing I hate about changing the battery on newer cars is having to reset everything afterwards.
  12. Gav C

    GTR & 370z

    No, they were a mile apart 😂
  13. Gav C

    GTR & 370z

    On the way to Asda I spotted a gunmetal GTR being driven like a prat in the wrong lane of a roundabout going all the way round in the left hand lane then spotted a black 370z coming the other way five minutes later.
  14. Yes, but there is a kit from another car where the sub fits inside the space saver and jack, IIRC Paul S has one in his yellow Z.
  15. I got some from Amazon, cheap enough and piece of mind if you actually need to use it. A lot of negatives about the sealant is that it's runs your tyre which is just an old wives tale that the fitters use because they don't want to clean up the mess when repairing. Trying to find a space saver kit is the better option but hard to find.
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