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  1. Halfords do a grey etching primer which is what I used, where I went wrong was testing out the pearlescent paint and hen over spraying with the white primer and it reacted, which I didn`t expect as they supposed to be compatible but only with the primer first as it happens. You`ll have loads of fun with the masking due to the shape of the Z and the lens, it`s hard to find the definitive line between the two as they`re both a black glossy finish, the plus side is that it won`t show up as much as the white if it isn`t quite right. I used Tamiya masking tape which is designed to curve
  2. If you're going to paint them give me a shout, I'll give you a few tips so you won't make the same mistakes as I did.
  3. Yeah, that's the look I was aiming for, I prised the lenses from the body so I could retain the black ring around the edge. Thanks for the feedback, after the things that went wrong, I'm glad they turned out ok 🙂
  4. No but the ring could have been as a back up plan 😂
  5. My partner wasn't impressed 😂
  6. I broke my own internet shopping rules and paid the price 😂
  7. Do I found some nice tyre valve stem caps online, some in the USA but wouldn't post to the UK so I bought some from China. I watched the tracking and thought at least they're coming, tracing number included etc and finally delivers today. The first photo is what I ordered, the second photo is what I got 😂
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