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  1. No, I checked this and it hasn`t leaked since despite all the heavy rain we`ve had over the last week, which makes me wonder if it`s coming from below. It`s a weird one this, leaks are usually predictable. We`re going to my partners dads on Sunday and the forecast for the next week is rain so I might find out a bit more this weekend.
  2. So while I was jacking the car up yesterday to do the oil and filter change I noticed some water coming out of the nearside chassis leg, nothing was coming out of the offside chassis leg though. We`ve had a lot of rain these last few days and the carpets are dry and no sign of any water ingress, in fact there hasn`t been any water ingress since I put this post up. After seeing the water leaking out of the nearside chassis leg I wonder if it`s related to the water ingress some how and I`m wondering if the water only gets in while driving in the rain. In the picture below I have put an arrow on the joint where the water is coming out from, also you can see some other water runs but they are from the rain overnight as I took the photo this morning.
  3. I finally got round to changing the oil and filter yesterday and I also noticed something really odd, when I jacked the car up there was some water leaking out of the nearside chassis leg 😳 I`m not sure whats going on with that and if it has any connection with my water ingress in the passenger footwell.
  4. Cheers guys, had a nice meal this evening πŸ˜‹
  5. Lovely looking car, though I`m slightly biased as it`s the same as mine πŸ˜‚ I have added the darker door handles and the illuminated kick plates and the GT stripes were removed before I bought it and I also have a sequential Z side repeaters.
  6. There still looks to be a lot of friction material on the friction disc and there are no obvious signs of wear or damage, maybe the issue is with the pressure plate?
  7. My clutch Judders until the engine and transmission is warm and it has done since I bought it.
  8. Fingers crossed all is fine and they have done a good job πŸ‘
  9. The clutch has a friction disc which as the name suggests has friction material on it which gives you your slip between engaging and disengaging the clutch. When the friction disc is worn then that is when you get clutch slip so you will be able to tell if it`s worn or not by the amount of friction material still left on the disc. The odd thing with your problem is there doesn`t seem to be any slip and when a slave cylinder fails you basically just lose hydraulic pressure and there is no resistance in the clutch pedal and it will bottom out, whereas you say that there is little pedal travel which indicates that there is some resistance. I still think it is the slave cylinder that has failed but I would still replace everything in there while the gearbox is out.
  10. Finally got round to washing it today after several weeks of driving round looking for another car for my better half and it was filthy. I haven`t yet found out where the water ingress was coming from and there`s no sign of water under the carpetr after todays wash so it remains a mystery.
  11. If Nissan are fitting a new clutch I`d insist on seeing the old one as I just can`t a clutch wearing out in 30k. My car has the Uprev remap too and is currently on 55K.
  12. Would there be any interest in doing karting again? it was a couple of years ago now since the first and last one, I couldn`t make it due to illness but I would do it again if there was enough interest.
  13. This sounds like the slave cylinder has failed as others say you would experience excessive clutch slip if it was the clutch, and I would expect the clutch to las at least 50k before you feel any signs of wear.
  14. Gav C

    Azure 350z

    Spotted a tidy Azure 350z coming through Stamford Bridge at lunchtime, we exchanged a wave πŸ‘‹
  15. I`ll upload some photos once I get the trims removed πŸ‘
  16. I`ll check those too πŸ‘ I also have some demister bags in ( Neil left them in when I bought it ) but there is way too much water for them to cope with, definitely something amiss somewhere but it can be a nightmare finding where it`s coming in, it`s not usually that obvious with water.
  17. Cheers John, passenger window looks to close ok but a reset wont harm πŸ‘ I`ll check out the bulkhead next weekend and get the carpet up and dry it out.
  18. Over the last couple of weeks my car has been misting up quite a bit and also getting a lot of water on the front and rear screens, I didn`t think to much of it a first but yesterday I found out that the passenger footwell was wet through. It could be the aircon drain that is blocked and causing the moisture to find another way and I know that there is a loom that passes through the bulkhead on the passenger side, does anyone know of any common problems or other causes? Nothing has been done to the car recently so nothing has been disturbed resulting in possible water ingress.
  19. Are you often asleep at the wheel 🀣
  20. It`s a Porsche but I`m not sure on the variant, I thought it might have been a Speedster but the screen looks too tall in that photo.
  21. Mine have never produced a fan like spray, only two streams from each nozzle, although they have decent pressure. I`ve known washer jets to lose pressure due to the pump filter becoming blocked, usually just a plastic gauze basket under the pick up pipe for the pump, it would explain why the headlight washers are fine when the screen washers are all low pressure as they run a different pump due to only being used when the lights are on. The filler neck for the washer bottle is on the drivers side so I`m assuming the the washer bottle is below it so I would think that the routing will go up the drivers side to somewhere near the hinge where it will then cross over onto the bonnet. I have no idea about the one way valves though. EPC diagram here
  22. Fingers crossed it does the trick, if not it`s back to the drawing board πŸ˜‚
  23. Maybe put some threadlock on the exposed part of the pin and then when you press it back in it might help hold it there.
  24. Gav C

    White GT-R

    Here is the car
  25. Gav C

    White GT-R

    Spotted a white R35 GT-R on the road near Palma marina, Majorca yesterday, I couldn't get a photo as i saw it too late.
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