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  1. I thought the Holts kit would be better given that there is more to it but I still got an advisory on my MOT for the nearside headlight even after I`d done with the Holts kit.
  2. I`ve used the 3M and the Holts and I thought that the 3M kit gave better results.
  3. Definitely another CAT day and another karting day, I missed the last one due to illness.
  4. Thank you, I`ll have a look 👍
  5. I did read a few years ago that molyslip didn`t do much but due to the placebo effect people thought that the gearbox felt better. changing the gearbox oil at regular intervals is probably al that`s needed. I think that it`s a feature of these cars that the gearbox is not the best when it`s cold, mine is exactly the same.
  6. Apparently permanently out of stock at Amayama, 1 available on ebay but it`s collection only from Harrow.
  7. Yeah I`m aware of the differences between here and the States 😂 TBH I`m not a fan of CF mirror covers, I actually prefer the pearlescent white, I have toyed with the idea of a CF rear spoiler but I`m not sure I`d like it, it would be an expensive mistake.
  8. Yeah I`ve already looked into that, there is a complete mirror unit that has a white cover but the scratches are worse than mine. It will actually be cheaper to get one from the States and they`re more readily available, just none in white at the moment. I`ll just keep looking and hope one turns up soon.
  9. I thought about fixing it, the internal parts are easy as they`re not seen, just the top of the mirror housing thats visible. I`ve used cutting polish today and got rid of most of the scratches but there are some that are just too much, might try the rattle can 😂 Had to buy a cheap mirror glass from Hellfrauds for the MOT tomorrow. Could have been worse 12" from a total side swipe I think, I`ll bide my time with the mirror. Done as much as I can, maybe a couple more will come out but there are chips that are too far gone for cutting compound.
  10. She'll be back to full health but I'll have to wait and see what's available on eBay, chances of finding the guy is slim at best. I do have his mirror cover though 😂 there is a sticker with a vin number on it but it's too faded to read. I think I might stick it on eBay and see if I get a bite 😂
  11. Cheers John, I always thought it was only a crime to leave the scene of someone was injured. I think the likelihood of finding the guy will be slim at best and I'm sure the police won't be the slightest bit interested.
  12. Thanks to an idiot Jag driver I now need a driver's side door mirror. Going down Garrowby Hill, following two cars and just going round a left-hand bend I heard a loud bang and saw my mirror cover flying off and the glass gone. When I looked in the mirror there was a blue car pulling in between two cars going the other way, obviously just completing an overtaking manoeuvre and was still over the white lines. He never stopped and I didn't get his reg and I only know it was a Jag as I've recovered his mirror cover. At first I thought it was just the cover and glass but on closer inspection the mirror body is damaged too, I never found the glass but recovered the cover and have managed to polish out the worst marks but there are still some chips and scratches that the cutting compound can't sort out. I think the cheapest route will be to wait for a complete unit in the right colour to pop up on eBay in the States as these are considerably cheaper than over here.
  13. I get that after it has rained, it seems very dusty where I live, and it looks like there are thousands of Woodlice on it. I get a fine layer of dust after just one day so I`ve learnt to live with it.
  14. Hi Scott, welcome to the forum 👋
  15. You can`t use copies in the Zed, genuine discs unfortunately.
  16. Was that a genuine Audi satnav upgrade?
  17. I did mine last year, I got it here, be aware that it takes 3 hours and you need to leave your engine running while the discs update the system but it`s cheaper than the dealership 👍
  18. They're Nissan parts, same as mine 👍
  19. No, only on the special editions like the ultimate and Yellow and maybe the 40th Anniversary edition
  20. Happy birthday Paul, hope you had a good day 😁
  21. Gav C

    370z Nismo

    Spotted a nice storm white 370z Nismo this morning, heading up the A64 I saw him up ahead and managed to get along side, we exchanged smiles and waves and then we drove in convoy for a fair few miles until we turned off the A64. We managed to exchange a few words at the lights and then off in convoy again until he turned off. Nice to see another Z and day hi to the owner too 👍
  22. You could try doing it yourself, heating the headlight up in an oven or a cardboard box and separate the lens from the unit.
  23. I`m glad I found your front bumper removal post, as I have been reading all the posts on The 370z.com the bumper removal seemed too easy, I`d forgotten about the pedestrian impact system, I should be able to make a start after next weekend.
  24. The Z34 is he model name, as is the Z33 and R35 tor the 350z and G-TR respectively, I have no idea what other information is in there though.
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