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  1. Fingers crossed it does the trick, if not it`s back to the drawing board πŸ˜‚
  2. Maybe put some threadlock on the exposed part of the pin and then when you press it back in it might help hold it there.
  3. Gav C

    White GT-R

    Here is the car
  4. Gav C

    White GT-R

    Spotted a white R35 GT-R on the road near Palma marina, Majorca yesterday, I couldn't get a photo as i saw it too late.
  5. Pump up the tyres to 35psi and then the warning should disappear, if not then there might be a problem with either the tyre pressure sensor or the tyres themselves
  6. Gav C

    Silver 370z

    I put a spotted card under the wiper today.
  7. Another MOT passed today, advisories for a bit of corrosion on the front brake pipes.
  8. I did mine on Sunday with a 3M kit, my nearside lens was quite badly yellowed and with the MOT on Saturday I thought I`d best get them done.
  9. Happy Birthday Paul, hope it`s been a good one πŸ‘
  10. Just been looking on Amayama tonight and the drivers side refills are out of production πŸ™„
  11. Gav C

    Silver 370z

    Coming bag from a walk yesterday and spotted a Silver 370z with the reg DT55 SUN 😎 I didn`t have a spotted card but I`ll keep an eye out for this one.
  12. That`s the plan John πŸ‘ As for painting, I`ll see what the replacements are like but I have an idea itching away in my head πŸ˜‚
  13. As a couple of you know, on the CAT cornering masterclass after my third run on the mile straight my brakes had lost their firmness and the drivers side outer bleed nipple was leaking a small amount of brake fluid. It was nothing more sinister than a corroded bleed nipple and I've just replaced it with a new one, the threads took a bit of work to get them clean enough for the new nipple to wind freely in and out bit it's all sorted now. It looks like it's been helping for a while, probably since the dealership changed the fluid a couple of years ago so there is a bit of bubbling of the paint around where the bleed nipple threads in. The short term plan is to fit my new Goodridge brake hoses and replace all the bleed nipples and flush all the fluid, the long term plan is to get some second hand callipers, refurbish them with new seals and dust boots and repaint them if necessary.
  14. I just cleaned up the OE shims and re used them, might be worth buying some replacements before you change them as they might not be in a good enough condition to clean up considering the age of the vehicle.
  15. Cheers guys, apart from work it`s been a good one, just got back from a lovely Thai meal πŸ˜‹
  16. Yes, a big thanks to Steve who let me use his car for the remainder of the day, would have been a short day otherwise, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day πŸ‘
  17. Welcome to nissansportz, looks a nice 350z and really low milage too 😎
  18. Try looking HERE, it might have the info you need.
  19. I used Mezerna medium cutting compound for my wing mirror when it got knocked off and it worked a treat on all but the chips where it hit the tarmac.
  20. Any compatible coolant should be fine, I don`t think there is anything brand specific like there are with some oils. I get mine done when I get it serviced at Nissan but if I were doing it myself I`d just use the cheapest compatible coolant.
  21. Probably because they're barley able to afford the insurance and a claim against them would force them off the road or drive illegally and they don't have the morals of most people.
  22. That's pants Chas, also a timely reminder for me to get a dash cam sorted.
  23. I got mine from Ebay for Β£99, genuine discs but the seller doesn`t have them at the moment. I did mine because it had never been updated and for the price I thought it was worth it. It`s also worth bearing in mind that it takes three hours to do and the engine has to be running all the time. There are some here https://www.satnavishop.co.uk/nissaninfiniti-xanavi-08it-x9-connect-premium-navigation-map-sat-nav-update-disc-2022-227-p.asp
  24. Gav C

    Black 370z Nismo

    In my street of all places, but I knew it was the guy I saw a few years ago. He still has his house here and was around sorting the garden out so i went around for a chat and gave him a card so hopefully he`l be around soon. He previously owned a 350z too. nice to see two 370z`s in the same street.
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