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  1. Well known issue with roadsters is the storage lid hitting the 5th bow on opening (especially when cold). This is down to the use of bungees in the roof mechanism which lose their elasticity over time. As it is always worse when cold, and improves with use, if it only lightly rubs don’t worry about it. It will improve in the summer. If it is quite bad then the 5th Bow Bundees will need replacing. I had this done at Wessex Nissan in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. It cost £588 and now works perfectly. If the roofs OK and your mate decides to buy it I hope he enjoys it as much as I have over the l
  2. Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes, all locks properly and alarms. I think it may be Roadster specific as the beeps are coming from the area that gives roof alarms if it doesn’t open or shut properly. I’ve got Wessex Nissan looking into it as it has only started after they have worked on the roof.
  3. Mine does that as well but this is 5 steady beeps not the same warning sound as the doors or boot open or key in car. It’s not a problem but it is strange. I will keep on searching. Thanks for trying anyway.
  4. My car has just started beeping 5 times when locking. It is coming from somewhere around the rear nearside wheel area not the normal key in car warning that comes from behind the front grill. Interestingly, it doesnt happen if the bonnet is open. Any chance someone could lock their car with the bonnet open to see if it beeps. It could be I have a faulty sensor or switch for the bonnet. Mines a Roadster but I doubt if there is any difference with bonnet switches. Thanks in advance.
  5. I also have the Smart Top Mod which helped as you can lift the 5th bow by hand as it opens as your not sat in the car. Hopefully, I won’t need to do this now. You might find yours gets gradually worse with time as the bungee stretches. It’s an expensive repair if it’s not essential.
  6. WARNING:- Only for roadster onwners perusal. Will cause extreme bouts of boredom for the rest of you 😴😴. You have been warned. Well known issue with roadsters is the storage lid hitting the 5th bow on opening (especially when cold). This is down to the use of bungees in the roof mechanism which lose their elasticity over time (not Nissan Designers finest hour). I purchased some new 5th Bow Bungees with the idea of changing them myself. However, after stripping the roof back I decided it was a far to horrendous job for me to tackle. The next problem was finding someone who could do it. Wit
  7. If it’s the drivers side only is it the fuel flap locking?
  8. Paul, I have an Invidia Gemini system in my garage waiting to fit. Do you still need the gasket dimensions?
  9. Yeah, I have already seen this and was suitably impressed. One man's boredom is another man's solution!!
  10. Thanks Ste_ac. Checked the values and they were all correct. However, I had left the C1,C2,D1 and D2 values at zero. While I was checking the values I thought about putting in the default Nissan values and bingo all working correctly. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and for working out the values in the first place.
  11. Just fitted the reversing camera supplied by Paul (thanks again Paul - superb value for money). Took about 45 mins to fit the loom, about 30 mins to fit the camera and about 3 hours to route the cable from car to boot - I guess the Coupe is easier than the Roadster!!! Anyway, all working fine now except that I have no guidelines. I have entered the figures as per the instructions and switched Guidelines on in the menu. I went back to check the figures are still there in case I hadn't saved them and they are all there. It's not a show stopper but does anyone have any ideas?
  12. That'll be safe not save!!!!!
  13. Photos of old and new. The Zed photo is from the Autotrader ad. I haven't got any decent pics yet as it's tucked away in the garage keeping dry and clean. Will get some more when it's save to come out ☀️.
  14. Thanks for the offer Paul, but I can't make the Mod day and am looking forward to fitting the camera myself as I love to play. Let me know when the kit is ready and I will transfer the money immediately.
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