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  1. Hi Guys (and Gals) Does anybody else get the error below? Pretty sure it is over kill but just in case eh? Just realised that oddly is seems to appear in some posts / threads and not others I am wondering (if it helps) if it is peoples images in signatures hosts else where like photo bucket etc?
  2. Tell me about it, they have lost the payment and delivery spec schedule I made for the GTR-50
  3. You'll have to have spin after we have all been vaccinated / cured etc!
  4. Yep! 🤣 Perfect for dead bodies too!
  5. So not an estate car but worthy choice is a Mini Coupe. You'd be surprised how BIG the boot is in the Mini... It only has two seats and the boot is 278L even the Macan is only 496L
  6. The Ariya is there... yet no delivery until next year.. The web says late 2021, but I made some enquires on the inside and it has been put back until Spring 2022. I hope Nissan "sell the tools" to build the 370z to a consortium as there is enough need for years to come for parts etc.
  7. So while looking around I saw this, and I have a few questions: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202011126046429 Is the seller on here? Will it get a wash before sale? What colour is that interior? I love it and have only seen one other like it, rare as rocking horse poo poo... I knew they existed! @Paul_S I'm hoping its not a fake listing and some one saw and took pictures form the car park.
  8. The Brands Hatch drive has been cancelled, so much for a Covid safe day out! No more details yet, just got an email.
  9. I conjure. I had mine under a cover in a garage, and the inside of the car "sweated" so much so that I needed to get the alarm module reset as the car would not unlock or start, as it had disabled the electronics. RAC and New battery later and keeping the car aired seems to remove the issue. Just annoying to live on a highest point of the county (hence damp conditions), even had 4 inches of snow this week!
  10. I just got 4 for Brands Hatch 31/01/2020 13:20, in case anybody else is there on the day.
  11. Oddly enough I had this also, in the end a new battery was required, but one of the "faults" causing it to go off was the boot latch was loose. Oh and a cat that thinks sleeping on the warm cloth roof is a good idea!
  12. 1FHL


    I had one for a weekend as a trial by the local BMW dealership. The convertible, I could get my smallest suitcase in the "boot" but that was it "you get your luggage delivered to your destination sir"... It was a fun drive, in fact real fun the fake engine noise was realistic, but as you may know I live near a tunnel often a destination for sports cars meets etc, the problem with the fake engine sound is that it does not echo out side the car so driving through the tunnel was a real disappointment. Would I still buy one? Yes but only have one careful owner with FSH and warranty
  13. As many of you may know I get lots of QQ stuff and news so here goes. The range extender will be a 1.3 Petrol charging unit like the new London Taxi's CVT is going but may be in the "first batch series 3" to keep costs down, a new "E-Gear" system is on its way, however input other than PRDN will not be required by the driver. E Pilot has had an upgrade and will be standard. The QQ is considered too family for the Nismo badge so don't get too excited this rumour has been around since 2007 Expect the new AYIA / Juke nose Expect a few more inches / centimetres in all
  14. I'll stick with my "Mr Fusion" thanks However we will move very quickly over the next ten years, just look at what tech you get in your car and pocket now compared to ten years ago.
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