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  1. I let you out at the junction in the Porsche. waved like a weirdo! Typically I only see others when not in mine!
  2. Perhaps because so far you don't have this site cached...
  3. OOOOH I can make the new dates... Now, 370z would be the normal choice roof down etc, but October weather... ...so z4? nah too much indication required... JCW Mini Coupe? Hmm a bit bumpy for the mileage... The Porsche (but not a real one it's a Macan) but it will be a great show off car as many cant believe what it is capable of... or McLaren 650s? * *Subject to Lottery Win
  4. I managed to get to a jet wash. Managed to get a contactless wash, will have a polish at the weekend
  5. Not Shell Suits... But like this: https://www.clothes2order.com/jackets+or+fleeces/Uneek+Classic+Full+Zip+Soft+Shell+Jacket?force_vat=true&show=Black&pgrid=67688711460&gclid=Cj0KCQiAsbrxBRDpARIsAAnnz_OPIwLSbgz95dfVKt0OUg12oYJgpFYEPKLi0kFN8l3SUWk_uYxaResaAsBlEALw_wcB
  6. Yes people don't be shy, I popped my cherry last year, and there is nothing to be frightened off! Come along...
  7. I spoke to Ponz at the weekend at the GRRC ball. "Things are very green and hybrid at the moment, we may see a reinvention in a couple of years when an engine can support the marque" So nothing yet, for a while anyway...
  8. All, I have had a phone call from the hotel and only 8 roooms have been booked, though a couple may not have quoted the group: Paul_S FHL Graham and Alex Reece Neil Mad** Geoff W V Jordan Greg W Paul Whit** So if you have not booked then you NEED to as they will relase all rooms on Friday AM to general use. I have also manged to get all of the depoist money of the final bill!
  9. Like seeing your parents have sex, there are some things that should never be seen... ever..
  10. I have placed it in the hands of the hotel event staff gods....
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