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  1. I managed a quick pull over at pit garage 23!
  2. Hope this helps: Ignition on but DO NOT start the engine. OPEN the roof fully. Disable the interior alarm. Turn off the ignition. Lock the car. Unlock, restart and Start the engine, then Close the roof... Good luck
  3. Tell the wife Porsche driver do, we just do it with a more snobbish wave! As for BMW drivers, they never do, they are trying to work out what the lever with arrows is for...
  4. Smart looking 350z in the St Nectan's Glen car park
  5. White 370z LS70 FAM. However DVLA have it as a 350z is the owner here, only registered last year.
  6. @John_K Thanks for the updates though, looking forward to mine move than I was now.
  7. I'm inclined to take the Macan (booked for August) to show everybody how the "mums Porsche, not a real Porsche, oh you didn't get a Cayenne... etc" is capable of. I did a Porsche owners day at Abingdon last year just before lock down and had 911 owners asking "how? What it can do is not possible"... but if it's not a "race"...
  8. Quite a week for losing motorsport hero's legends people... Hung out with Queen Sabine a couple of years ago at MM 75 GRRC she was so brutally honest but so such fun! Will be missed.
  9. So I just bought an MOT failed project, something to do, not sure yet if I just get it through the MOT and sell or keep it as a "investment"... I now have a 2007 1.3 Daihatsu Copen I'll keep you up to date on it as I go if people want...
  10. You'd be surprised how many require this.
  11. I know this may seem a pain, but I think if you start the engine within the 72 hours you're okay, its more about the signal "being lost"?
  12. They must be selling to pay for the Peloton subscription...
  13. Hi @John_K I got mine but can only do a weekend so we are off on 14th August... I'll look forward to your early feedback! Thanks
  14. ... and try looking to see how many are soft tops!
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