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  1. Z-star

    Spotted ? COP

    NISSAN 350 reg ending COP spotted at approximately 06.30 this morning on the 1307 Haverhill!
  2. Hi Paul, My cooler kicks in around 80°C, I haven’t seen the gauge over 95°C since fitted. Runs on one of those thermostatic adapter plates and seems to be spot on so far. I personally think it’s a “have to” mod to save degradation of you’re oil ( I was hitting around 110°C when pushing at 60 mph ) I could be wrong but it keeps my mind at rest it’s a bit of a pain but worth it. Top job! Camera is still working well m8. That was a no brained too.
  3. Just a quick spot whilst passing but waved anyway 😊 It's my first time on spotted so I'll try and keep it up. We don't see many Z's or gtr's in the area but I will try from now on.
  4. i hope they're honest jons m8. I remember my 350 wasn't cold n the first company said compressor! 2nd company said leak and fixed it for 45 quid plus vat!!! Good luck
  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm shiny. I must get out and do mine. Maybe in June when we have a ray of warm sunshine lmfao. Good job m8, do you use a powered buffer or by hand?
  6. Nice 1. Had these on when I bought the motor. Good idea to heat em up rather than wait for a warm day at the moment
  7. Cheers for the replies/info. Under tray's been off a few times now so no worries there . I'm in Suffolk m8, just outside bury st Edmunds. A mate will do a full geo but can only get the stock info off the database! Just wondered if there were any different settings that people prefer without eating tyres. I still haven't had it checked from dropping 30mm on springs .
  8. Hi everyone, Happy new year!! Can someone tell me if I need to replace tensioner, idle pulley etc when I change the belt. On 50k now. Did a search with no success so sorry if it's been covered before. Local Nissan didn't have a clue!! Oem or aftermarket?? Also, anyone know ideal fast road wheel alignment settings when dropped 30mm. Laser booked for next week Cheers
  9. Hi James, Lovely motor, what part of the country are you from?
  10. Hi blobbish, Don't suppose you were at h dev in April? I was having my motor tweaked and a random bloke in a s/c 370 ( looked like yours ) thought my car on the ramp was a 350, when I said I used to own a 350 he then had to check the badge . I got really fu***d off when he proceeded to stand underneath and started slating things ?? Bad business practice from h dev and didn't do anything when I asked them to remove him? Just wondered
  11. Just to play devils advocate, just take a look at YouTube, Paul's 370z - fat z. They are legal somewhere . Sorry to drag it up again, I just came accross it!! Also..... Smartstop
  12. All good m8. It'd drive you mental behind it in traffic if it flashed when brakes are used!
  13. I should hope so, it would end up sh**ing the life out of the car behind. Imagine 70mph on the motorway and thinking the car in front is emergency braking every time the brakes are touched!!
  14. Yeah please. Shoot me a pm. I'm getting a couple of prices at the moment. One of which did a sportz club members roadster and he has a very good eye. I just hope he doesn't come up too expensive. There's a fine line between replace and repair. Cheers Andy
  15. Hi everyone, Does anyone know of a good upholsterer that can do a job on my seats and door cards? I'm in the Cambridge area and as such, the prices are rediculous to say the least. I just wanna freshen up the cabin. I hope this hasn't already been done but I came up blank on a search. Any help would be good. Cheers
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