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  1. Well after 5 years of joyful ownership of a Pearl White 2009 370Z GT, I sold it earlier today. With it being sat on the drive 99.9% of the time and only doing less than 600 miles in a year, it did not make financial sense to keep it. I dont have a garage or a place to dry store it, so I thought it best to get rid in the hope that it would fall into the hands of someone who will be able to give it the care it needs. Thanks for helping me out with the Z these past few years. Ill keep lurking on the forum and you never know, I might end up with another Z in the future. Kind regards A
  2. Funnily enough i just had the MOT today on my 370Z which makes interesting reading on the mileage. Got to sort out some pitted brake discs and a corroded fuel tank brace, but everything else fine. Mileage as of 05/10/2019: 70,941 Mileage as of 01/10/2020: 71,505 So Ive done 564 is just about a year. Wasnt intentional unfortunately. I dont usually do many miles over winter. Car was at garage for three months over lockdown waiting for a locking mechanism part. Otherhalf recently got a new car so hers sleeps on the driveway now and mine has been stored at my parents for a few months. Going
  3. Watching this thread with interest. I also have the non-premium connect and its rubbish. Cant even put postcode in Sat Nav.....
  4. Ive got no immediate plans on replacing the door card since the damage isnt as bad as initially anticipated, I dont plan on selling the car any time soon and a new one from Nissan is just extortionate. Theres a little plastic cover that needs replacing which covers the bolt behind the inside door handle, which I hope I should be able to get separately. If I came across a cheap second hand door card in decent condition then I might be tempted, but its not a priority at the moment with finances a bit stretched as a result of the Virus.
  5. After a long wait, I’ve finally got my car back Door lock is all sorted and working fine now.
  6. What is nice to see, assuming the images we are seeing are accurate as to the final product, it looks like the new Z is getting some nice original features and not borrowing from the rest of the line up. See the different grill and headlight designs from the line up picture.
  7. Now Im in a bit of an awkward position. Mod my 370z when I finally get it back from the garage or save up for the new Z.... Difficult decision
  8. Now that is interesting. Definitely a different silhouette than the current Z!
  9. Just read that BBC article myself. Would be nice if that sports car bit is true, but unfortunate and sad times for Nissan overall which is a shame.
  10. Nope, East Midlands so pretty much as far away from the coast as you can get. It was my daily for the two years of ownership, including winter on the salty roads. Pretty much stays on the driveway now for weekend drives and the occasional trip to work to give it a good blast. It does need a bit of TLC. Exhaust is rusted badly so I'll be changing that soon hopefully. I've got a three year plan starting in a few months (when I've paid off the car) on how I want to mod it and how I want it to look at the end. Nothing too major, but mainly me learning how to work on it and doing the stuff
  11. I think Ive been quite unlucky with mine. In the four and a half years Ive had it: - the coolant reservoir exploded. - the VVEL relay corroded which threw all sorts of codes and caused the engine to do weird things like one bank ran rich and the other bank ran lean. Idle went crazy and sometimes it wouldnt start at all. - My radio hardly picks up signals anymore and my CD player freezes on disks. - The aux port broke. - the latest thing being my drivers door locking mechanism completely broke causing the door to not open, even from the inside. Ive done 35,000 miles in the time Ive had it
  12. Thanks, much appreciate guys. I don't actually know or have seen the extent of the damage to the door card yet. Hopefully its not too bad. the garage guy said that it was in the corner and you can't really see it when the door is closed. I'll probably make do for a while if the damage isn't too bad. Can think of much more exciting parts to get for the Z first
  13. Thought I would update you guys on this. Took car to garage on 23 March. Basically, the locking mechanism has completing gone. Its stuck in garage nearly two months later as there is no locking mechanism on the car and its much safer there than on my driveway unlocked. still awaiting the part from Nissan. Looks like it will be a while for the part with everything going on at the moment. Unfortunately, the door card had to be busted open which proved very difficult when the door couldnt open. Ive opted to just have the door lock mechanism replaced and Ill sort the door card at a later dat
  14. Changed the battery in the fob and made no difference. Not driven the car for a few weeks and went to open the drivers door today. Wont open from the outside, inside or with the manual key. When trying to open from the inside, it feels like the handle isnt connected to anything anymore?
  15. Tried the spare key and that also has the same problem. I forgot to pick up some new batteries when I went shopping earlier so I'll try that next.
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