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  1. Ah the Monkey Puzzle meets... amazed we (sxoc) were allowed back after all the Christmas parties. Last time I drove past there the car park was a lot smaller as they had extended the hotel. Yes, up for a meet.
  2. Small world indeed. I’m towards the Smallfield end. The car doesn’t get used all that much as it’s just a weekend toy... and then I seem to spend most weekends doing the DIY! Covid has meant it has probably been used just a handful of times, although I did manage a trip to Wales, when we were allowed, which made up for it.
  3. Sounds good to me... especially as I’m also on Langshott.
  4. Yes those are the ones. I wasn’t keen at first but they have grown on me a lot. I also live in Horley.
  5. I have AAM non resonated short tails fitted to my V1. It’s loud on start up but reasonably quite once warmed up. Above 3,000 rpm it’s interesting but I have got used to it and tbh I like it as it adds character! It’s also my weekend toy so I’m not driving it everyday. I currently have standard cats but I may be changing these in the future which means it will probably increase the noise levels so I may need to do something different. Where do you live, noting you bought the car from Coulsdon Audi? I’m not far from there.
  6. Quick update... In the end I ordered a new sensor (cloned) and valve stem from TPMS Warehouse. The guys there were really helpful, shared a photo of the old sensor and they quickly confirmed which version I needed. Paid £45 with free delivery. Arrived at the company I was using to the refurb the wheel the next day. As for the wheel, I had that refurbished at a local place to me called the Wheel Doctor. Based in Smallfield, Surrey - near Gatwick. Wheel looks good as new and given the fantastic job theyve done in also refurbishing my wifes diamond cut alloys I would highly recommend them.
  7. Neutreus/Lesmo - thanks for your help. Ive just ordered a new sensor from Nissan at £82 (seems a bit steep), although theyre not sure whether it comes with the valve. I think Ill also give TPMS warehouse a call and see what they say and if need be order one through them as well. I will report back on what happens. Regarding reprogramming TPMS, the little company Im using dont have the kit to do it. Ive searched online and discovered how to do it using a paper clip, although half tempted to get my own OBD reader.
  8. Hi All - in the process of getting my rear wheel refurbed after catching it on a curb (bad day) but the company Im using has discovered that the TMPS sensor and valve is damaged and needs replacing (gggrrr). Ive looked online (Tpmscentre.co.uk) and I can get a TPMS sensor and valve from them for £40. However there are two options, one is 370zs between October 2008 and June 2014. The second is for 370zs between June 2014 and March 2016. My V1 was registered in September 2014, so Im assuming I should go for the latter... any thoughts? Obviously my other choice is to phone my dealer... does anyone know the part number? Any help is appreciated, as always.
  9. I will join properly... I just forget...
  10. So today I drove the car to Abbey Motorsport... handed them the keys and they fitted new discs and pads to my V1. I picked car up and then drove it home. Need to bed them in but hopefully they will perform much better than the parts it replaced. Looks good though.
  11. Unfortunately I cant make this either, my quick DIY job this morning is not so quick. Sorry for pulling out at the last minute. See you all at the next one.
  12. Given that the car is used on the motorway the majority of the time there is little point upgrading the discs and pads. That said for the cost of OEM parts you could upgrade. What you decide to go with is up to you, everyone will have their own views.
  13. My V1 has done considerably less miles than that and I am about to replace the discs and pads (16k). The fronts could last a few more thousand miles but the rears have had it as the discs are badly pitted and the pads are not covering the entire disc. One of the main reasons I hate the feel of my brakes at the moment. After doing some research and talking to Abbey Motorsport Im going with Stoptech discs (slotted) and pads. Same size as OEM.
  14. Dont think Im going to be able to make this, was hoping to be able to come along on Saturday but its the wifes birthday...
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