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  1. Tier 3 here. Had to make some different plans for Christmas as the rest of the family we usually spend Christmas with are over the county and tier 4. I used that estimater as to when you'll get the vaccine, they reckon I'll be sometime in June, my daughter was September - I know it's only an estimate but it's gonna take quite a while to roll this vaccine out, so it looks like we've got another tough year ahead.
  2. My daughter did Silverstone last night. Not sure I could see that view again without going into race mode.. Back on topic sounds like a great idea.
  3. Hah, yeah still with me currently. I have noticed my neighbour has recently taken to playing music at all hours, not particularly loud but it's the type that you just hear thum thump thump through the walls, it may well be a revenge thing which Is why I've not said anything for now... While I'm here I was just gonna ask what that big silver thing is in Chris's second pic ?? Answer: Dead weight
  4. And as very belated Happy Birthday from me.
  5. Happy Birthday Neil, have a great day
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