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  1. Happy Birthday Cazza, have a lovely day
  2. I'll put myself down as first on the list for the group buy then. They look fantastic Gav.
  3. Wow, thanks a lot for the offer Paul, I'll bear it in mind. There's a couple of other things that are more of a priority at the moment so the calipers won't get done for a while.
  4. So when are you starting to take orders??
  5. Seem to have missed this topic before, but exactly what I've been looking at recently and not having much success at. Thanks for the link John. And they have the 370 style Z ones too. https://3dcarstickers.com/product/nissan-370z-3d-car-stickers-for-wheel-center-caps-silver-logocarbon-background/
  6. Yes you're right, I meant the burgers and actually I had similar thoughts about the brake calipers and going for something a bit leftfield, although white could be good too. I suppose the question is do I want to be the guy that people say "Why did he paint them THAT colour?". And part of me is thinking that's exactly why I would. On the other hand I suppose once they'yre covered in unwashed dirt and brake dust it's not gonna matter too much anyway.
  7. Finally got my car back last night. Instead of the usual SORN over the winter months it went off to a mate of mine for the winter months while I contemplated what to do with her and he got to drive it and sort out a few things for me that needed doing whether I was gonna sell her or not. Since figuring out I was able to keep her it was good to finally get her back. I must admit firing her up for the first time in over 3 months I was actually a bit nervous and yes, I'd forgottten just how loud she was! So here she is all shiny looking (I don't suppose that'll last!!) newly painted black wh
  8. Happy Birthday John, have a great day.
  9. For me what will complete your ownership is when we get out of lockdown and you can finally get to meets and other club events and meet all these other great owners you currently only get to interact with on here. You couldn't hope to meet a nicer bunch. As someone who had absolutely no interest in 'showing' my car (as that usually involves the dreaded 'W' word) and was apprehensive about meeting other owners talking shop all the time and conversations just going right over my head as I'm not very mechanically minded, I have to say it's been a real surprise as it's part of ownership that
  10. Thanks Paul, I wasn't sure if you were really late or just getting in early for next year!
  11. Well done on fixing this yourself, could have been a real minefield (an expensive one at that) if it didn't work. Made me very uneasy about my own car when a couple of people had the same issue on here a year or two back and I found the following thread very useful, not that I could ever recommend or condone anyone replacing the appropriate fuse with a blown one, even if there were instructions by Chubbs on how to make a blown one too - purely for research purposes of course!
  12. Welcome Carlton, enjoy your new car.
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