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  1. Hope you're all having a great Christmas
  2. ChasGFL

    F1 2021

    I see Max is learning well from the master whiner, his latest comments about 'just trying to race' and the sport 'is more about penalties than racing' were laughable. He's certainly an exciting driver but far too aggressive with his 'get in front at all costs' approach.
  3. Happy Birthday Dave, hope you're well, have a great day.
  4. Welcome back Les, all the best to you and Cazza in your new home.
  5. Welcome to the forum Jez, in case you didn't get the hint... we need pics!
  6. Yeah it was great to be there again and hear some insights into some of the stuff they get up to at NDE. The Infiniti was stunning, no apologies for a couple more pics... Thanks again to Paul and his connection with the Z Club for the invite.
  7. Sorry guys I'm not gonna make it in the morning, have a great day
  8. Where/when are you planning on meeting up? If it's same/similar to last time I might take a run out again to say hello.
  9. Yes to everything basically, I'm still a little wary but I can't really think of any event we've done where we have to be in very close proximity to each other and I think with the extra precautions we as individuals and event organisers are taking I'm fairly comfortable with it all. The real test for me will be this Saturday, working my first gig in nearly 2 years at the appropriately named Underworld in Camden - that'll be interesting! Depending on how it goes I reserve the right to completely change my answers above..
  10. Happy Birthday Les, hope you're having a great day.
  11. Welcome back Gadget, although 10 years ago was way before my time on here started. Lovely looking roadster you had and are about to have again.
  12. gasitup and I decided to head down to this yesterday last minute. Lots of modern hyper/supercars mixed in with some classics and an eclectic mix of car clubs and individual show cars. Here's a few pics: And finally may I draw everyone's attention to the pic below. You have to zoom in a bit to see on the left gasitup hurridly cleaning his dirty car whilst on the right is my clean car. That is all.
  13. Thanks John, I'd forgotten about these. Smile for the camera... What camera??
  14. And a belated Happy Birthday from me. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was with you at a car show ;).
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