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  1. Happy Birthday Neil, have a good 'un
  2. Happy Birthday Jeff, have a great day
  3. Happy Birthday Greg, have a great day
  4. I've been keeping tabs on this as it's on my doorstep, although I'll be at a festival near Cheltenham the previous few days, but wouldn't mind travelling back late Sat night if needs be - I seem to remember I did the same thing a previous year as they both were on the same weekend before. But I don't really want to do it on my own, it's usually a good event, but completely get that people might not want to travel. I might just go as a visitor this year.
  5. Happy Birthday John, have a good 'un
  6. Hello and welcome to the club
  7. Happy Birthday Geoff, have a good 'un
  8. Wow, excellent stuff John, looks like you had a fantastic day.
  9. Yeah I think that's why I took it so well, it could have been a lot worse, especially for my mate. As for the insurance question Chubbs, no once you take off the excess my mate said he'll sort it as he has had an accident just under 5 years ago (stone knocked him out while he was on his trike - just realised that was on a dual carriageway too, I think I'm gonna have to ban him from driving on them if he ever uses the car again!), so having another one on his record would have ended up costing him more in the long run.
  10. You know what I'm like with cleaning.. when can you pop round??
  11. Following on from Paul's previous topic about an encounter with another car on the motorway, well the other week a similar thing happened to my car on a dual carriageway, when a black Corsa pulled out to overtake but didn't see that my car was there. The other driver didn't stick around either - what is it with people these days?? I wasn't driving, or actually in the car when it happened and I was in fact remarkably calm about it all when I found out - a lot calmer than I thought I would be. I'm actually more annoyed my dash cam wasn't in the car to catch the b$%&^*^d as I'd taken it out to be replaced. New one was ready to go in once I'd got the car back - sods law. Although after what happened in Paul's encounter I'm not sure it would have helped. How the wing mirror and indicator repeater escape unscathed is a miracle. The wheels on the offside did also receive some damage after my mate took evasive action and hit the central reservation (yes we are still friends!!). Will have to get the tracking checked after it's been repaired. Fortunately I've been away last couple of weeks so haven't had time to dwell on it and it's currently in the garage getting sorted. Depending on how long it's away I might not make the mod day, I'll keep you posted. Hoping it will be ready sometime next week.
  12. Happy Birthday John, have a good 'un.
  13. Happy Birthday Sarah, hope you're having a lovely day
  14. This was a great event last year, I'd definitely be interested in attending again.
  15. Welcome back Dave, my spiritual brother..
  16. Great to have these back, breakfast, chat and not forgetting watching other people work on cars... count me in please.
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