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  1. RRP was £39950 when I bought new in 2018, so a bit less in 2017
  2. Taken a deposit on the Nismo. Not yet agreed to sell the plate “N115SMO” with car as unsure what its worth. It was previously bought from DVLA for over £2k Any idea what it’s worth ? Thanks
  3. Bought from Costco today with £133 Black Friday discount, getting fitted next week.
  4. Tempted to sell my supercharged Nismo as I could do with some rear seats for when I pick up my 2 lads. Ive created an advert on Pistonheads but still in two minds what to do
  5. Could do with some rear seats, so tempted to sell my supercharged 370Z Nismo and buy an M2 Competition Pack. Just created an advert on pistonheads
  6. Thanks for your responses and feedback. I think I’m going to do for 255/40r19 PS4S front, 10mm wider than the standard tyre. So within tolerance for a 9” The tyre will be 3mm taller, however the spedo should only vary by around 1% Went to order the tyres at Costco yesterday but was told by a friend that Costco may be doing a special offer next week for Black Friday. They are currently offering £100 off for the set up to Sunday this week.
  7. Need a new set of tyres for my supercharged Nismo. Unfortunately Michelin MP4S awe now available fir the front 245/40r19. Not sure whether to go for the MP4 or go up a size to 255/40r19 on the front which are available in MP4S. Any recommendations? Thanks
  8. Need a new set of tyres for my supercharged Nismo. Preferred Tyres would be Michelin MP4S, however the 245/40r19 are only available in MP4. Not entirely happy with fitting MP4 front and MP4S rears. Anyone fitted a set of MP4 to their Nismo, or have any recommendations. I think the MP4S fronts would be available if I opted for 255 instead of 245. Thanks
  9. Happy Birthday Bikeracer1098!

  10. Check the Nissan data sheet regarding minimum thickness of the disc and then measure using a callipers/micrometer. Will do a search for you regarding minimum thickness of discs
  11. Ive also got the DBA T3 front discs which are awesome compared with the std Nismo discs & pads
  12. Unfortunately couldn’t make it today as I got called into work. Hope you all had a fantastic day in the sunshine.
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