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  1. Inside the filler cap specifies 98 RON on mine.
  2. Hi buddy, still going strong. New versions out now too. More memory, updated processor, simplified wiring etc. I've sold a fair few now, not heard of any issues. Installations a lot easier with the new wiring setup too.
  3. Also "CAR14" discount code got my friend 50% off the car kit add-on. Not sure if it's a universal code mind you.
  4. https://www.gtech.co.uk/cordless-vacuum-cleaners/handhelds/multi-mk2-k9.html
  5. I've got a Gtech K9 MK2 and I think it's brilliant! Make sure you get the car kit which gives you the flexi crevice add-on.
  6. I have an auto with ecutek. Will try and check mine and report back.
  7. Hi Rusky, I have been using it daily here with no issues. I use it for Google music and maps more than anything else. I'm very happy with mine. Install is simple. Plug and play. There are a lot of wires to plug in, but once you undo the dash it's easy to see where they all fit in. I'd say it is a tad expensive, but as far as I can see it is the only such product out there, so worth the price in my opinion. Hopefully Steve will be along soon with his feedback too.
  8. Loved it! Best trio since May, Hammond and Clarkson for sure.
  9. Ha. Sorry Paul I guess a little context would help. I've put these pics up for Steves benefit. Basically shows how the system connects to the OEM touchscreen. Steve managed to fit his today. Hopefully will be along to share his thoughts.
  10. Good spot! That's the same unit as I have. Items only went up last night!
  11. No probs Paul. I did the same! It's such a great match for the 370z.
  12. Can't edit the blooming first post!ha. List of 2 names so far; cozzie Ste_ac
  13. Hi buddy. This is the only integrated system as far as I'm aware. Not seen anything like it before. And yes, I have an OBD2 Bluetooth dongle for torque. I'll start adding names to my first post. Will give it another week or so, to see if anyone else is interested.
  14. Good idea. Should be able to bring the cost down a little too if we get enough orders. No idea where to start with a group buy on here though?
  15. Individual units are £375 delivered.
  16. This one. Free trial then costs £1.99. No brainer. Looks OEM. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=altergames.carlauncher
  17. Here's a quick video of the launcher and apps;
  18. Thanks buddy. I've been searching for an android solution from the day I got the car over a year ago. Finally found something and it's just what I wanted. If there's interest, I'm happy to arrange some more orders.
  19. Hi Dave, it was supplied direct by the manufacturer/supplier. I can get some more in if you're interested?
  20. I feel your pain. But yes mines a 2013 GT edition, so has the newer system with satnav/reverse camera etc.
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