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  1. Today, I changed the plugs on mine, at 32,000 miles I know it’s maybe a bit premature at that mileage, but I discovered you don’t have to disconnect the throttle bodies at all, just the 4 Allen screws, which according to the Nissan manual you should unscrew and screw in using a cross pattern which I did, I found I had plenty room by simply moving them without unplugging them or disconnecting the coolant pipes, just had to move a couple of breather pipes and i unbolted the fuel damper and carefully swivelled it round to let me into plug 1. I also found the plenum side of the throttle bodies had
  2. Thank you all for the replies and advice, it is much appreciated and very useful input.
  3. Looked into the ecutek, it’s double the price of an uprev, all I’m really wanting is to wake it up in the lower gears, it’s supposed to be a 5 second car, and it doesn’t feel it, granted in gear and if you let the revs get up to the red line it goes like a scalded cat, but low down I’m not and never been happy with it, and I think a remap would make it more to my liking.
  4. I’ve got the stillen gen 3 intakes on mine already and to be honest it’s fine, the air intake and filters are right at the front inside the bumper so it’s always getting cold air, admittedly there’s a chance the alloy pipes might pick up some under bonnet heat, but I don’t find it too bad.
  5. I’m seriously considering doing the uprev remap to my 370Z, I know headline power isn’t really what it’s all about, but what I do want to know is how much does it add to driveability, throttle response and acceleration, as I find that unless you get those revs up, it’s a little lacklustre low down for my taste. I also read somewhere that the throttle is limited or deliberately made less responsive in the lower gears by the factory map, is that true?
  6. Sorry to wake up an old thread, but can you tell me point for point what I need to get and where do I get it from, to install a reversing camera on my premium connect equipped 2010 370 Z GT? I’m assuming it is premium connect as I have the touchscreen with sat nav built in and Bluetooth. Also how much?
  7. Does my 2010 60 reg 370Z GT have a VLSD? Yes or No? I think it does, for if you take the back wheels off the ground and spin one, the other one turns in the same direction. I want to know as I intend to change the diff oil.
  8. Where would you get a new padlock light from, I’m talking about the yellow light to the left of the radio which shows your doors are locked, mines all scratched from the previous owner. Also, I’ve got the annoying green cruise light flashing sometimes, I know it’s related to either the clutch or brake switch, but which?
  9. Just an update, all done and dusted, I did have to cut those press in studs after all, and all kudos to a guy on another Forum for suggesting using a ball joint splitter to drive out those pressed in studs, worked a treat! So I now have an OE nismo exhaust on my GT, true dual with H pipe on the Y. I didnt realise just how different a nismo y pipe is to a stock one, bigger bore and that h pipe and dual pipes, but fits like a glove!
  10. I do recall doing this on another car before, looks like it’s going to be necessary here too. God I hate drilling studs out!
  11. Yeah, I was thinking that, looks like a pressed stud to me, and it may not survive.
  12. Im intending to replace my factory fit and rather crusty exhaust system with an Oe system from a Nismo, which is almost new, my question is how would you tackle whats left of this nut? I had thoughts about using a nut splitter. I just wondered if any of you had done this job yourselves and how you went about it. All 4 nuts are in a similar state.
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