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  1. I've heard of Abbey. I'm based near Thorpe Park so usually go to TGM. Just waiting for a call back from them to see if they can do it. Trouble is a lot of garages don't want to get involved with roof mechanisms. I had an auto electrician come to look at it on Saturday. He plugged his diagnostic machine in and it didn't show the roof module on there so he gave up and went home!
  2. Roof won't operate at all so can't do that. Update. Took it to Westway Nissan in Southampton. They got the roof closed the rest of the way and lubricated the whole system as they think that could be the issue...or it might need a new motor. I would need to leave it with them longer to diagnose and I had to drive back home tonight. At least it is closed now so I can use it. Plus they only charged me their base £50 fault investigation fee and returned my car washed, hoovered out and with a full health check. Can't knock that. Still need to get the roof fixed but the pressure is off, so it's a toss up between TGM who are great or I've found a convertible roof specialist in Redhill who may be a good option for this particular issue!
  3. Anyone have any experience of a stuck soft top? Mine got stuck half way today. I followed the instructions in the manual to close it manually and got it almost all the way shut. There's still a 2 inch ish gap round the back. Normally I would just take it to TGM sport but I'm at my dad's in Southampton so really need to get it properly closed before I drive any distance...especailly as I'll have my cat in the car and he hates the wind noise around the hood at the best of times! Had a local garage look at it tonight, no joy. Going to try Southampton Westway Nissan tomorrow and hope they can do something with it ready for me driving back tomorrow evening! unless anyone has any other suggestions of course???
  4. I plan on taking my Beetle this year as I finally got it back after a lengthy legal battle with the garage that were scamming me! After being without it for over 3 years I intend using it! I've been invited to display it with the Drivers Union but will of course come and say Hi!
  5. Was looking forward to it but totally understand. I'm not sure I would have been the best company anyway, wearing a facemask and covering myself in hand sanitiser every 2 minutes
  6. Oh FFS! Culprit should have to pay the cost of putting it out at the very least, not that the damage can be undone. I just hope no people or animals were harmed! Good to see you've found an upside though...loads of fit firemen on the doorstep!
  7. Bloody Hell, didn't realise it was still burning. It was hazy where I am and I could see the clouds of smoke. Do they know what caused it yet? Probably some idiot leaving a disposable barbecue on the common!! Looking forward to it!
  8. Would love to come again. Work dependent but I'm local so hopefully can pop along for a bit even if I am working. Hope the fire wasn't too close to you!!!!
  9. Hopefully I'll make it again, probably just on Saturday but you never know......freelance life, never know what I'm doing till the last minute! Would love to come again though
  10. Not quite everyone, 2 travelled by shanks pony Great to meet you and so many others. Thanks so much for hosting and keeping us all fed and hydrated on a scorcher of a day! First cooked brekkie I've had in years and it was bloody lovely! I've never got on with photo uploading on the forum but I've posted them all on Drivetribe so hopefully you can view them there. https://drivetribe.com/p/nissan-sportz-fun-in-the-sun-Z8WOwgovSeCdeg8LP-pdVw?iid=LJT60zdbQlWIIWxIINnXXA
  11. Lovely to meet so many of you this weekend (I was there Friday and Sunday) I fear if I upload all the photos I took I'll break the website so here's the link to my facebook album. Don't worry if you're not on facebook, I posted them on my Beetles fan page so anyone can view them. https://www.facebook.com/pg/worldrallies/photos/?tab=album&album_id=3097391700300948
  12. Yes, it would be great to meet some local owners. Will the address get put up/PM'd nearer the time?
  13. Spotted this coupe in the area quite a few times. Most often seen around 7.30am passing on Staines Rd. Mine is the blue 350z roadster.
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