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  1. Mine is £800 fully comp with business mileage I'm assuming it's as I got caught by a speed camera in my other car not long before my renewal date, and I've only had the 370 for about 1.5 years...still, at 41 I thought the days of high insurance premiums were behind me. She's worth it though
  2. Just had this installed a few weeks back (2010 PC), STZ does say that the manufacturer has said it only works with PC systems, but he's not sure if they have even tried it on a non-PC setup. Think he's willing to test fit it to a non-PC system and try it though, so if you're in the area it might be worth dropping him a line I'll keep my ear to the ground for anything else that might be suitable
  3. Spotted a gorgeous white GTR on the A153 heading away from Ancaster around 11.40, then another (probably the same one) on the A607 heading towards Grantham around 12.20. Could have been the same one, and probably was, but didnt clock the reg. Flashed you both times though
  4. I fixed the boot opening issue (or so I thought), by moving the latch down a bit. Apparently this only fixed the problem on my drive, not at the shops Also changed the padlock light for one that wasnt wrecked, and gave her the full foam gun wash treatment
  5. Ahh that sucks, hope you both get better soon buddy
  6. blobbish was spot on, they say that it's because of the size of the box, too big to go by EMS. I've cancelled the order, see if I can find somewhere else that doesn't have such insane postage costs
  7. Thanks for the replies guys Interestingly when I logged in to my account it showed shipping at just over £55, but as soon as I left the page to pay it was back up to the £425 again, apparently using FedEx. I've messaged them to ask why it is so high. I'll wait if it's temporary because of everything going on, but if that's going to be the price I'll cancel and look elsewhere. I couldn't justify paying that amount of postage for £160 worth of parts, even overnight parts from Japan
  8. Morning folks, Hope you're all keeping safe and sound So, thanks to a kind soul on this very forum who told me about them, I made my way over to Amayama last night to order a few bits. Here's what I was ordering: Molding Assembly Front Door Outside (RH) - £41.11 Molding Assembly Front Door Outside (LH) - £41.11 Back Door Lower Trim - £78.52 I ran through the checkout process and was advised that a member of their staff would have to calculate shipping costs and would get back to me. This morning I had an email letting me know that my order was ready for payment. Impressed with th
  9. Yes, that’s the one I have the same problem, padlock light scratched to hell so light is emitting from the scratches and not just illuminating the padlock. I’ve searched everywhere but it doesn’t appear to be a part as such, or my Google foo is just weak right now. I wasn’t sure if I could just remove the coating and reapply or if it’s an actual part. If you find happen to find one somewhere please drop a link, and I’ll do the same
  10. Cleaned the MAF sensors and throttle bodies in the hope of fixing the throttle issue. Thats not the problem, but at least I have clean throttle bodies now, dont think theyd ever been done, ick 😁 Ok, so it was last weekend and I forgot to post, it still counts 😛
  11. And.....she's back!! Picked her up last night and so happy to have her back So the repair was successful, although I will probably need a new radiator in the while as the original is a little worse for wear. I'll probably go down the Mishimoto route as it seems to be a great product from what I've read, and is also a lot cheaper that the Nissan OEM unit. I was also hoping that the lag in first gear would be solved, and it does seem to shift smoother. However, I went out today for a test run and the problem seems to still be there (after a reasonably hard stop, when pressing the go peda
  12. Update 2: Almost has the car back yesterday, the new oil line is in, but the connection onto the oil cooler is corroded and leaking The radiator/cooler was sent off today in the hope of the connections being welded. If it can be done to a good standard then great, but otherwise itll be a new one.
  13. Update: Not managed to get a photo yet, but I'm getting a full replacement. They were ordered this morning, but won't arrive for another 5 days, so I'll be zed-less for another couple of weeks It's amazing how much I miss this car when it's not here
  14. Yeah I'm thinking the same. I haven't managed to get down to the garage due to work, but will try and get some pics if I can before the work starts. Thanks for all your input everyone
  15. Just had a call from my mechanic. He doesn't know why it went into limp mode, but apparently I'm leaking oil from the pipes running from the gearbox to the sump, which we had noticed were looking corroded last time it was on the lift. He thinks there may be enough of the rubber hose to sort the issue, but I figured worst case it would be best to change the entire metal and rubber tubes. Bare in mind I'm going from memory here and haven't seen the underneath of her in a while. Assuming that this is a common issue, are there any aftermarket options to replace these lines with something more
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