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  1. Code is gone. The harness to the module tested good for power. Took the module, relays and fuse boxes apart, checked all the fuses with a DMM. Made sure all the connections to the harness was secure, put everything back and the code was gone, the Z ran fine. Im guessing that it was a bad relay(s) and the wires to the relay came loose until I quadruple checked.
  2. Have you checked all fuses and relays for the power steering? Has the fluid level been low recently? If there is no leak, and relays/fuses are ok, check the power on the PS pump. Could also be air in your lines.
  3. I have a cheap off the shelf scanner. Yeah, the cheap ones wont clear all codes like a consult 3 will. I just dont want to spend thousands just to clear the code..lol The VVEL module arrived yesterday so Ill be swapping it out and checking the module harness connector again for voltage and continuity. I was going over this problem again last night, and I thought about something. The VVEL module is located behind the IPDM (fuse box) in the battery compartment. The bracket that holds the IPDM is the same bracket that the VVEL module is mounted on. I cant remember if the VVEL module is mounted
  4. I ordered another VVEL module, should arrive sometime today. Hopefully the first one I ordered was a faulty one. My other question though, is how do I clear the code? Ive tried disconnecting the battery and pumping the brakes to clear any ECM capacitors, using a scanner to clear the code, and doing the ignition/accelerator pedal dance. None of those methods worked. Im thinking that the parts I replaced may be good, but the ECM is holding onto the fault code and keeping the Z in limp mode.
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  6. Hi all. Southern California here. Ran across this forum and decided to join. I have a 2010 370z Roadster. Mods Ive done are: Drop in K&N filters SPL FUCA SPL Camber Arms SPL Solid diff bushings EcuTec tune Z1 25 row oil cooler Z1 SS brake lines Akebono brake calipers Invidia Gemini exhaust Shorty Antenna Swift Springs Forgestar F14 19" wheels Hope to contribute here where I can!
  7. Diff bushing popping. Nissan's fix is to replace the whole subframe.
  8. I hope so! Short of obtaining a Consult 3, replacing the wiring harnesses, getting another ECM and/or new VVEL module, Im at a loss. I tested the connector to the VVEL module, and it seems to be fine though. Driving the Z and all of the sudden going into limp mode (RPM at 1500 max, 2-5MPH) is pretty scary.
  9. A solid diff bushing will cause whine too.
  10. Does anybody have any experience with this code? Ive replaced both relays (VVEL and PWM) as well as the VVEL Module. The first time I got this code, I was able to clear it and it ran fine until the next day. Now I can not reset the code. I tried battery disconnect, a scanner and the pedal/iginition method, it wont clear, so Im not sure if Im getting false positives or not. Any nelp apprecated! I have a 2010 roadster with an EcuTek tune.
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