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  1. thought i would invest in a Mishimoto induction kit , nice fit .
  2. sold. still got the after market ones for sale.
  3. thanks , not the best of photos , looks better in the flesh.
  4. sorry about that the price is only £100 just to get them shifted .
  5. just removed and replaced my side skirts with Nismo ones , the skirts i am selling are almost new , only been on the car a short time and then we had the look down , so as you can see in the photos the condition is good, paint is as new. they are bond on , so fit perfect , they have been bonded on to a set of O/E side skirts so just need clipping on , simple job and quick. transform your in a hour or less. collection from Hereford as i could post but its £35 and TBH as it is new paint i cant say what the condition they will turn up in. thanks for looking. Hereford is in England , so if you liv
  6. 350z side skirts in k23 silver , very good condition. £100 + £32 post.
  7. side steps have sold , wheels are still for sale. ordered some packing , so will pack them up if any one is interested in them and wants to arrange a courier ?
  8. droped my new side skirts off down at body shop , so hope they will done in the next week or so , rear spats will also be here in the next day or so . the first spats turned up but not over happy with them . so hopefully be all sorted in the next two weeks. so if any one is looking for a set of after market skirts i will be posting them up for sale shortly.
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