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  1. Fitted new Brake discs and new pads today. Hawk Performance ceramic pads front and rear, and some centric performance discs as well.. seems nice so far.. But I did find taking one of the calipers off that the last owner or whomever did the breaks last had really messed up the threads to one of the bolts and I guess inside the caliper as well, managed to hack saw the threads into some kind of shape so I could get it all back together but guess i should start looking for a new caliper at some point.
  2. This is what the plumbing looks like haha The issue I had with mine not working was not actually a pump but just under the windscreen wipers where the tube connects up to the first wiper blade the tube had popped off.
  3. Finally got my new wheels fitted.. Will get some better pictures tomorrow. Went for a drive up the local mountain.
  4. I think I have been watching to much Doug DeMuro looking through the manual for silly things lol
  5. Actually I think this manual will be full of great thing. "Tire pressure indicator (PSI) The tire pressure indicator shows tire pressure (0 - 51 psi) of all wheels (except the spare tire)" If it included the spare wheel I would be impressed lol
  6. nice one Open that up and first thing I noticed
  7. Hey guys might be a bit of a long shot but does anyone have an owners manual or entire pack that came with the early 350z ? Sadly mine never came with one and would like to have one.. so was thinking maybe someone on here had one from a caw they scrapped or used as spares and no longer need the owners manual. Had a quick look on ebay but was only showing ones in the US and delivery was silly.
  8. Well as I found that one of my Alloys was cracked I ordered myself a new set. Not the most expensive things in the world but will do for now. Also my door handle decided to break today lol joys of owning a new car everything starts to go wrong haha so ordered myself a new set of handles as well.
  9. Welcome and nice looking car.. When it comes to car prices and modding I do miss the UK lol Second hand car prices in Spain are sky high just paid 13k euros for an 06 350z roadster but thats the average price for them over here. I guess we dont really get any rust so thats the trade off lol
  10. Always liked the look of those
  11. k&n panel filter arrived so popped that in.. and also gave her a jet wash. Also ordered new break discs, performance pads, new spark plugs, and a complete Hyperflex suspension bush kit from Torqen as they could deliver to Spain and had everything I needed.. I thought a bush kit would be a good idea considering the age of the car + the heat we get over here and the back end feels a tiny but mushy when going around tight fast corners.
  12. I have been saving tons not having to drive to Gibraltar every day.. I mean its only a 40 min drive and was using my old Seat 1.9tdi and was costing me maybe 40 euros in fuel a week, then lunch and also parking was over 70 euros a month.. plus being able to get up at 7:30 instead of 6 is pretty good and when i finish I have no commute home hahaha happy days. I guess most people who commute in the UK have similar saving.. but yeah I bet there are some people that don't do big commutes are not seeing much savings at all its good that the work from home tax relief thing is there even if its onl
  13. Thanks for helping me getting it all sorted Chilli and thanks for the Welcome everyone
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