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  1. Being a child of the 60s, I think that I've seen and experienced the best years of the evolvement of modern motoring. Come the day that I'm taxed off the road in my petrol cars or by some other government pressure, then I may admit defeat. Strangely enough, my wife and grown up kids see things differently!
  2. Plus silent, sterile and soul-less.
  3. Finally got round to pairing my phone after seven months of Z ownership - but.... Pairing the phone was easy, but I can't get any music playing through the car's speakers. What am I NOT doing?
  4. I stumbled upon this informative video on youtoob earlier - as a Nissan newbie (ish) still I learnt a few things about the Z history and timeline. But, the one surprising thing I learnt is that Datsun was a sub division of Nissan, initially not allowing early Zs to be badged as Nissans outside of Japan. For donkey's years I always thought that Datsun just changed its name to Nissan, for whatever reason!
  5. Both stunning looking cars with their own differences. Very happy with my V2, but ideally it would have the V1's wing.
  6. Old vs new (ish). At my cousin's lock up/workshop where he keeps his oldies.
  7. I've only been here for seven months or so, but you seemed to be one of the main players here. Surprised, and sorry, to see you part company with it.
  8. I'd seen a license plate mount in the catalogue, one that's smaller than standard and seemed to attach where the tow hook is located.
  9. Totally gutted that I was unable to attend this event - right up my street in all ways. Perfect weather too by the looks of it. I really hope that this event happens again next year - no way I'm missing it next time round!
  10. I've no idea what they will fit Paul, apart from the models designated in the T/S spec. I'll give them a call to see if they can assist. Thanks.
  11. These are mine, just the 'Z' illuminates in a redish orange. Do you recognise these as a Nissan part, or some type of aftermarket item?
  12. On my way back from the west country a couple of weeks ago, I needed to drop by to a place on an industrial estate in Guildford, just off the A3. However, when I entered the postcode into the car's sat nav, it came back as not recognised. I'm not sure why this was as the postcode isn't a new one as the industrial estate has been there for some years now. Anyhow, has anyone ever updated their sat nav system and is it a case of approaching a Nissan dealer to get this done?
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