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  1. The more I think about it, the more I'm seeing red....
  2. Well, I say black but yesterday evening I had another alternative colour pop into my head as suitable - red! Not a bright red, but one closely matching the red Nismo exterior trim, a sort of dark red, whatever it might be called. Blue Lizard had a few swatches for shades of red, so I'm taking the car back to them next week to see if we can find a good match. But at the end of the day, without seeing a mock up, I'd have to be sure that a red roof wouldn't be a step too far. I don't think it would, just need to make the decision!
  3. Today I continued to put together a small 'refresh' package for mine, which will happen during May when it's hopefully warmer and I can spend a whole blokey day doing stuff to the car. It's only bits and bobs, plus some professional input for two tasks: * Application of a heavy tint to the rear window - Tint Shack, Horley, Surrey (visited today) * Roof wrapped in either gloss or matt black - Blue Lizard Signs, Gatwick, West Sussex (visited today) * A proper paint decontamination and detail, plus wheels off and cleaned * Touch in of a few minor stone chips to the front end -
  4. Anyone remember "From Norwich, It's the quiz of the week - Sale of the Century!" .....?
  5. Hey Les, unlike all you long timers, I'm a relative newbie here as you know but do look forward to meeting some of you one day. I just wanted to say that I'm glad you're on the 'up' and that you're one of those that I meet - you gave me a lot of assistance in my Z research prior to purchasing.
  6. I agree, but unfortunately my current insurer doesn't allow mods so I'm for the time being operating in stealth mode.
  7. If you mean 'aggro' in the sense of others egging you on into a race, I've had a few on my rear bumper but generally ignore them until they gradually back off - must say it's usually the typical demographic of BMW 1 Series drivers... 🙄
  8. Agree with you there Carlton. Nearly two months of ownership here, despite some reviews nearly put me off buying mine - I'd then have gone for the 'safe' option of a Golf GTI, Leon Cupra or i30N. So glad that I went with my heart's instinct! Like many of us here, I've had some nice cars, old and young, but the Z gets far more comment and admiration from those I know and complete strangers.
  9. An 'honest' review of an 'honest decade-old platform'. I don't 100% agree with it, but it's pretty much on the money there.
  10. My thoughts initially - the standard 'Nissan' caps have raised lettering so that wouldn't work. However, the link you sent me does seem to suggest that centre caps are included, or at least are available. It's a bit confusing though.
  11. Thanks Chubbs - at that price it's worth a punt!
  12. Has anyone found during their internet trawls, or bought, non-Nissan centre caps for the Rays V2 alloys? Something along the lines of 'Nismo' or 'Z'.....or some other appropriate emblem/design? The Japanese 'Rising Sun' for instance.
  13. As most of you will know, I'm a relatively new owner. I'm really disappointed to read a number of comments on this forum, and others, regarding corrosion. I love my Z, but the first sign of anything like this and I'll more than likely sell it. I truly hope it doesn't happen though.
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