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  1. My last meeting with an (ex) RAF transport aircraft. Dunsfold, October 2020
  2. We had to claim on the Admiral multi-car policy about six years ago in 2015. My wife 😣 had a minor bump with another vehicle, but we had no claims protection and to be honest it didn't affect either of us in the following year. I think it will depend on the cars, usage, drivers etc that you want to insure - I'd suggest calling Admiral and directing your question at them.
  3. I know how you feel, it's just a game that many of us play every year so it's just something that's expected! I've an Admiral Multicar policy as well, always so competitive. Even with the proposed mods for my Z in September, there were no problems and the extra will be only about £40. So much easier (and significantly cheaper) than XX and another "specialist", the name of which escapes me now. It was XX that wouldn't even quote until the mods were done, which I thought was completely nuts... 😕
  4. Nearside and offside front lower suspension arms Nearside and offside front radius arms Genuine Nissan parts, bought new but never fitted and still in Nissan bags with part numbers showing. Selling on behalf of a friend who used to own a 350Z. Offers and queries to Rocco on 07825 148168 Collection from the Gatwick area or by other mutual arrangement with the seller.
  5. Thanks Carlton, I wasn't sure of the PCD. Sorted now, found a supplier on the "other" Z forum.
  6. Welcome to the forum!
  7. Can anyone recommend where to buy a space saver wheel for the 370Z? I can find just one online at £277!! I don't intend to carry it as a spare, but to use it to fit to the car when doing occasional wheel deep cleans, or heaven forbid, wheel repairs. I'd rather do this than have the car sat on a jack or axle stand for a prolonged period of time. Doesn't matter if 18" or 19", just needs to be the right stud fitment. As an alternative, would other Nissan fitments be compatible - Juke, X-Trail, Cashcow etc? Thanks
  8. Yep, my 2017 Nismo takes just one CD at a time.
  9. Unfortunately, it looks like the OP last visited this site in 2017.
  10. A few photos from the Z meet at the Ace Cafe yesterday. A great day out, with the exception of a complete pain in the backside journey, particularly there, from the Gatwick area.
  11. Redhill, Surrey? Abbey Motorsport are not too far away in Oxted.
  12. Yeah I know, it's one big group in the end. I'll post up a few photos as well.
  13. Yeah, sorry... I was just curious if anyone here had already got their name on the list. Limited parking at the Ace as you probably know, so numbers had to be limited to 40 maximum.
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