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  1. I will do, some time later today. I'll admit that the potential purchase of the Nismo is driven by the heart, over the head. My three other options are very different (BMW 340i, Leon Cupra, Golf R) and are probably driven 50/50 by heart and head. I don't need 4/5 seats (it's weekend/hobby interest car) but I guess the Nissan is going into the unknown with such a beast as this. Historically, I'm very much VAG/ BMW.
  2. Well, I'm nearly there - deposit paid (refundable) and test drive tomorrow.
  3. Must admit, I've only ever seen and used 98 RON. Does the use of 97 or 99 matter if needs must?
  4. I read somewhere (not here) that super unleaded must be used in this car. Is that correct as to me, from what I've learnt, the V6 is a fairly old school?
  5. Morning all, I need a reliable and accurate figure for the maximum width of the Nismo at the widest part of its body - I presume that will be the rear arches. Some data online isn't consistent (what a surprise!) but the most common figure is 1870mm. Any good data appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Funnily enough, I saw the penny mod on the Bros Fourr Speed Youtube channel a few days ago.
  7. Cheers Les. A 2017 Nismo seems to be a good year road tax wise for the car. Anyone buying one of the last few up for sale new will, in theory, be hit by the higher amount as the RRP is over £40k. It doesn't matter if the buyer pays less by negotiation or deals, it's the RRP that matters.
  8. Trying to figure out road tax for a 67 plate Nismo. If it was over £40k in late 2017 it will be affected by the additional charge for the first 5(?) years. I'd rather only pay £150 from the outset and onwards..! I can't see any way of checking that on the DVLA website.
  9. Very late to the party here, but.... A modern classic - BMW E39 5 Series Tourer in Sport guise - a 540i 4.4 V8 (I just sold my saloon version) or a 3.0 530i with the best BMW engine, the straight six. Not overly large exterior dimensions, but a somehow cavernous boot area!
  10. I read about a new 400Z somewhere - or was I on mushrooms that afternoon?
  11. Thinking similar, dependant on the type of vehicle. Also, I guess many first and/or second owners realise they can't keep up the payments, so the car goes back.
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