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  1. A good indie specialist is worth his weight in gold to us enthusiasts. When I decided to go "outside the box" and buy my Nismo back in February, I knew nothing about the car or any indie support that might be out there. I actually wouldn't have bought it if I hadn't found a recommended specialist - I really didn't want to go main dealer for various reasons. After some research I found Abbey who are just 12 miles from me - so, it was all systems go from there!
  2. I was travelling in the opposite direction - I think I was just so astounded to see another Nismo on the same piece of road, I didn't even catch the year of registration!
  3. I very nearly bought one of these before buying my Z in February this year. Bonkers car, if you want it to be!
  4. Update from me - I bought a 350Z space saver wheel from a supplier on the "other Z forum" but when I went to trial fit it, the calliper got in the way! I then learnt that a 25mm spacer was required, which I now have. Going to see if that actually works today or tomorrow.
  5. I can highly recommend Abbey Motorsport in Oxted, Surrey. They carried out a P1 service on mine back in February while I waited, or they do have a couple of loan cars .
  6. Another mod I've discovered then!
  7. My Nismo has them, that's why I assumed they were standard.
  8. I assumed they were standard, or is that just the Nismos?
  9. If it's nine years old, that's good going!
  10. How old is your battery Gav?
  11. I recently bought a space saver wheel, but more for maintenance purposes really. I fits nicely in the boot, bit doubt a full size punctured one would!
  12. But at least it might get you home, or to civilisation?!
  13. I noticed the other day that my wheel sealant has "time expired" this month. Having never used or bought this sort of stuff before, can anyone recommend where to buy it at the best price? That's the main dealer out of the equation I guess! Thanks.
  14. My last meeting with an (ex) RAF transport aircraft. Dunsfold, October 2020
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