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  1. Probably none when I think about it (aside from knowing that the starting of the car depends on a key fob battery - this was the second change in 3 months!) - it's probably the steering lock that's the main (but likely unnecessary) worry.
  2. My worry isn't the steering lock, just the whole push button system. Though I do get your point....
  3. Maybe - it's constantly on my mind when I push the button!
  4. Keyfob battery replaced - normal service resumed. 😀 I'm really not keen on this push to start lark.
  5. Yeah, I'll get the battery changed Jeff. Because there was no key battery warning and the fact that the battery has been changed within the last 3 months I discounted that idea. I'll replace again and hope that's the end of it!
  6. Got into the car earlier today, did nothing different to normal but a "No Key" warning symbol with a key illuminated. The fob was in the normal place (centre console cup holder) so couldn't see what could have caused it. I opened the door again and shut it, jiggled the fob in the cup holder and all was good again with the "push clutch" instruction and off I went. Any thoughts? The handbook doesn't seem to offer an explanation of that exact circumstance. Cheers. Edit: Page 2-14 of the 370Z manual, item 5. - No key or unregistered key - it was neither of those. Possibl
  7. Thanks for the vote of confidence Paul! All I know is that it'll go one of two ways, hopefully the one you predict. 😬
  8. Sorted, £150 for the Nismo red roof. Booked in for 24th May as they are very busy. Saw some examples of their work when I dropped in to confirm the cost and colour this afternoon, very impressed.
  9. Well I have my new front an rear Z badges, so if it's another good weekend coming I'll be giving this a try. Dental floss is stronger than cotton I presume - got cotton, but no floss! And I was wondering what this guy was squirting on the residual gunge when the badges were off, it seemed to work very well. Unfortunately the bottle was mostly out of shot. Any tips? I'd usually resort to white spirit to remove number plate stick pad remnants.
  10. Not sure you'll get a response from the OP. He was last here in March 2017.
  11. Well, £75 sounds reasonable compared to another place I called yesterday, who quoted £300 for the job. Two hours labour at £100 an hour, plus £100 in materials. Honestly, what a pi** take. Then, two further quotes for £150 and both places had very good reviews. I'll be going to one of those.
  12. Just received their email - £220 PLUS the VAT!!
  13. Yeah, I couldn't believe how close it was! Waiting for the written quote by email, but it will be in the ball park of £200. Having never had any wrapping done before I have no idea if that's a competitive price or not, but I'm sure it's pretty resonable considering it can cost in the region of £2k for a whole car. However, it might be worth me contacting another place that does it, just to compare. If you saw my tinted window post, Tint Shack did that for £80 - I previously approached another local company who quoted £150! Even I thought that was far too much for a relatively small j
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