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  1. Just a case of bite the bullet and go for good reviews and gut feel when you make enquiries.
  2. Horsham Developments or Abbey Motorsport service stamps will be viewed far more favourably in the car's history that a Nissan main dealer. Being just 10 miles from Abbey (Oxted in Surrey), my Z goes nowhere else.
  3. Parked next to and chatted with the owner of a lovely 1970 240Z.
  4. First and third Saturdays of the month, from 09:30 until midday. Good selection of cars, drinks, breakfast, loos etc. Hope to see a few more Zs there next time.
  5. That looked like a very special evening. I very nearly stuck my hand up for this one, but the thought of driving into central london during midweek (or anytime really) put me off completely. But, no pain, no gain is the motto I suppose in this case. Great photos as well, thanks - the Infiniti look incredible.
  6. I'll consider everything and anything! I missed out on the Brize Norton event this year - I'm particularly interested in that one, if it happens again. I also prefer the smaller Sunday morning 'breakfast club' sort of meets to most, but not all, of the other huge events which take up a whole day.
  7. On A/T the few that are for sale are badged either Skyline or Infiniti. Infiniti for non-JA market I guess.
  8. I can only wish that I'd been aware of these cars 20 years ago. I would have loved to have owned and driven something like this. A total of five midnight purple R34s going to the USA. Hugely interesting channel and I can't believe just how many of these cars are kept wrapped up and stored away. This guy knows his stuff!
  9. I miss the trips to the 'ring as well - last run down there was 2019 in the 540. Very keen to take the Z down there so hopefully next year.
  10. Badged as a Skyline and obviously an import - a few for sale in UK as well.... Looks like a stretched 350/370 - never seen one before ever, but I like this one! 2015 Silver Nissan Skyline 3.5 GT V6 for sale for £5,999 in DONCASTER, SOUTH YORKSHIRE (autotrader.co.uk)
  11. Great photo, that really does look good!
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