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  1. Morning all, Yes please, count me in - thanks. Please post up if you can make it, and someone will add your name to the list. 1. Neutreus 2. Blobbish 3. John K 4. Jeff-W & Mrs Fred 5. Cray Z (Provisional) 6. Gadget 370 7. Zulu Nation
  2. Cheers Jeff - massively in advance but I'll bump this post nearer the time. On the subject of meets, do you know if the RAF Family Day will be happening again this year?
  3. I know we're only just gradually coming out of this winter and nobody wants to think about the next one, but just to put it out there Goodwood have announced their BC schedule for this year. For our Zs there is Vee-Power Sunday, 6th November 2022 - bookings to register for track display are being taken now, which I've just done. Hope a few more Zs can make it.
  4. I agree John, the seats are amongst the most comfortable I've experienced and could sit in them all day - it's just the arrival and departure method I sometimes fail to do properly!
  5. Welcome along Dave, looks like a lovely example you have there. You mentioned a back problem - does that fit well with clambering in and out of a low car like the Z for you? I didn't have a back problem before mine, but I frequently give myself one now!
  6. Looks so much better. Either 15 or 20mm spacers vastly improve the stance of any Z. I went for 15mm on mine.
  7. Non OEM lighting can always be a concern at MOT time, not helped by vague requirements. My Z came with non OEM side lights within the headlamp units. I've got a small control pad with multiple colour selections, with the ability to have them either just "on" or the option of flashing/strobe. I tend to leave them set at teal green, yellow or purple! i've avoided red and blue for obvious reasons! No problems at MOT time either.
  8. Well, I am rather old.... 😒
  9. At those prices there really is no need to faff about and hunt around for better. Admiral look after our Ateca, C1 and Aygo, but the Z is with LV at £280 ish which includes the declaration of Ecutek maps and Cobra HFCs. I even declared the 15mm spacers all round, as they are listed in LV's mod options.
  10. Madness, but this actually makes me feel more relaxed about spending £52 on a new glass shelf for our fridge/freezer! 😏
  11. Never thought about gearbox oil, though I'm sure there's no requirement at less than four years and 19k miles. Is there a scheduled change or is it like BMW 'for life' interval?
  12. Well you can see the driver's mug in his door mirror! He appears to be of very senior years (I'm not being 'old - ist' - I'm no spring chicken myself) and quite unaware, so maybe he didn't even notice, which he really should have done even if he didn't feel a slight impact.
  13. I'm not a particularly obsessive 'fanboy' of Lewis, but he's a British driver and I do so want to see him take the record of eight WDC wins. Being equal on seven with Mr. S is still pretty damned good of course, but going one further will be the cherry on the cake. I can't see eight, or even seven, WDCs being equalled in the F1 that we know now. If he doesn't achieve it this year, I have this nagging doubt that this will have been his last shot. I haven't worked out the points, but I assume that Lewis must win both of the last races?
  14. Approximately 358 at the crank, 320 at the hub.
  15. In the last photo, it looks like the bonnet is latched shut. Is that correct? The cable looks like the 'flat' sort.
  16. I'll get back to you on that one... In all honesty, numbers are an irrelevance, it's how the car drives and feels which at the end of the day is what matters.
  17. Pops and bangs I believe was an option, but I'm not 18 anymore!
  18. I guess this post is really "what have I done to my Nismo during the last nine months", because I've finished doing what I wanted to do with it, both from a mods point of view and cosmetically. Having had the roof wrapped and rear screen tinted during this last summer, along with a pair of Z Burgers and fresh plates, last week it was in with Abbey for a P3, MOT, 15mm spacers, Cobra HFCs and Ecutek tuning, giving access to four individual maps. At last I have a V6 that can be heard and a smoother, more linear and very noticeable, power delivery - plus the added benefits of enhanced security and adjustable Abbey Traction Control. It was certainly a fun drive down to Goodwood yesterday! It's all fairly minor stuff compared to what some owners do, but I've put my stamp on it and when the time comes to move on, hopefully it will appeal to potential buyers. On the way home, I stopped of to take a few photos of the finished article.
  19. Looks/stance - yes, definately. Just 15mm has made all the difference. Improved handling? In theory, possibly, but nothing noticeable in normal road use.
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