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  1. Good spot - not many about.
  2. Evening all - anyone else have wear to their seat bolster(s)? You can see in the photo that the outboard bolster of my driver's seat is showing cracking marks and I was wondering if there's anything that I can treat it with. Is it leather? If so, there must be something that I can use to at least get some colour back into it and disguise the damage.
  3. The 10th is still questionable for me, I just need to hope that I'm not required to be in attendance at uni "move in day".
  4. Unfortunately, due to the current disruption at Folkestone (although it seems to have improved today) we've decided to postpone the trip to Germany this weekend.
  5. Pre-Euro roadtrip (AKA four days in Nurburg and surrounding area) check-up at Abbey this morning. All good to go!
  6. Stickers and badges with both UK and GB are available for sale. I went with UK as that's what's on the RAC website, so I thought I could trust them to get it right!
  7. What part might 'separate' and does that affect the deflection for UK use until it's removed?
  8. It's ok Paul, I've got a vertical UK sticker to go on the backside, to the left of the plate. When I return home, I just peel it off again - I dont' stick one on the front as I believe that's not required, but I do carry one in case a pedantic plod points it out!
  9. I'm taking the Nismo over to Germany at the end of the month and was wondering about dipped beam settings, you know, for driving on the wrong side of the road. Does a 2017 V2 have the ability to adjust somehow? I can't see how these stick on kits which you can get would work on slopey headlamps. Being mid summer I doubt that I'll be driving at night, but might be useful to know if I need to.
  10. The weekend of 10/11 September is our son's moving in date(s) for uni at ACM Guildford. I can't commit at this point, but will know more about the schedule nearer the time. So I'm a definite maybe.
  11. A group of Zeds from a 747 upper deck - now that's a rare sight!
  12. Morning all, great to meet you all yesterday. I'd do that again at Kemble, possibly in September, so give it a thought! I was up at 05:00 this morning and left the hotel at around 05:30 and enjoyed a rather spirited drive home seeing as there was nothing on the roads to speak of until the M3. I was on my driveway in less than two hours. So for now, just a few of my photos from the morning.
  13. The Z is ready for tomorrow, no point in cleaning it (just a bit dusty) as it will rain in the morning down Kemble way unfortunately. No idea on who's turning up apart from Jeff and Paul, hopefully a few more. Until the morning.....
  14. Okay Jeff, no problem. It's actually the Beeb forecast I'm looking at now, still showing that rain all day.
  15. Hell! It's showing rain all day around Kemble! That wasn't forecast last time I looked. If you guys would rather not, then that's okay with me - just let me know and we can choose another date.
  16. Well, it's this weekend. Difficult to predict my arrival time seeing as I'm coming from over 100 miles away, but I'll aim for 09:00 when the AV8 opens.
  17. I think that's normal, same on my Z and Ateca. Even so, doubt that would make a creaking noise. Are you sure it's not inside the car, some other area of trim causing it?
  18. Can you post a photo of the problem area?
  19. In case anyone's interested in doing the same, I've booked a ticket for a tour and wander around the retired BA 747-400 parked next to AV8. My ticket is for 11:00 - 12:00 and they can be bought for £11 from their website here: Welcome to Cotswold Airport (ticketsrv.co.uk)
  20. This could work for me. Micro meet and breakfast, followed by a tour of G-CIVB (which I wanted to do anyway at some point - two birds, one stone!), then off down to Frome to drop in on relos. Maybe overnight there and drive home Sunday morning. Edit: Hotel near Frome booked. Looking forward to it.
  21. I can only get there on the weekend of 18/19 June. All other June weekends I'll be at other pre-planned meets (Ace Cafe/Bromley Pageant) or away on holiday. I'm not suggesting you should all fit around me of course, but on the off chance that it is that weekend, then I can get along.
  22. If there's another meet at Kemble, could it be highlighted somewhere away from the Public Access Meets page - it's tucked right at the bottom of the main page which is somewhere I rarely seem to visit. Or, could the meets be moved higher up the page for more promenance?
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