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  1. Hi LESmo, I'm presuming that mine is a V2 with DRL's; not sure what they are, seeing as it hasn't got a big wing, my wheel arches measure 64/65 on front and 68/69 on rear, so again I'm guessing that it's just the front that's been lowered by 4 cm each side; 1 cm difference on one side to the other would be down to a slight incline on my drive me thinks, front spoiler measures 12cm off the floor.
  2. Hi Paul_S, I've tried a photo of the car but thwarted at every attemt due to the filesize being too large to download not matter how I try to compress, what's the best way of getting a photo image to you please? Kind regards Rob Clarke
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this site, I've bought this car and it's obviousdly got lowered suspension which scrapes on speed bumps etc., can anyone advise me on how to raise the suspension again? Please let me know Kind regards Rob Clarke
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