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  1. Well this seems definitive! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiqOLRJi7nU http://youtu.be/aiqOLRJi7nU
  2. Hi all, first time Z owner based near Bristol, UK. Picked up my car in February this year and been loving it ever since—it's my first RWD, first JDM, first >2 litre engine, and first two-seater. So ticking a lot of boxes all in one go, and a massive upgrade from my Abarth 595 Competizione previously. She's a black 2007 ‘HR’ 350Z that's just ticked 40k miles at the start of May. It's lightly modified via decats and a full stainless Scorpion exhaust system – absolutely love the sound it makes – plus a dyno tune and selectable remaps courtesy of Abbey Motorsport (all done before my ownership). Otherwise it's stock. Cosmetically she needs some TLC, which is another reason why I wanted the car. I've been steadily getting into better car care and a bit of detailing, and the Z feels like a good car to continue learning with. Looking forward to getting to know the car and community in the months and years to come. 👋
  3. Hi Folks, Did anyone here go to this? I went along with some local friends and there was one amazing example of an Amuse, AAM Twin Turbo 370Z with custom interior, featuring Braum seats. Whether you were there or not, I thought some of you may enjoy seeing a little of the day... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yMJ89zOGuw
  4. I took a friend on his first car meet and tunnel run. It happened to be with the German vs. Japanese Owners Club sister meet... "Surrey 350z and 370z Krispy Kreme Car Meet & Tunnel Run" A really friendly bunch. Sign up to their group page on FB if you want to hear about the next one... This was my experience...
  5. Hi, I'm new on site but I've owned my 1998 Nissan Cedric for 3 years now. I have one question: My car has a VQ30DET engine (the one just before the 350Z's engine) & I've been having an idle problem for a year now which means she won't run smoothly. Does anyone know of a garage that has Nissan Consult (for grey imports) because I have had no luck finding any. Not fussed where in the country they are, I just need someone who can talk to my engine's ECU so I can identify what is wrong. Any help would be appreciated as I've hit a brick wall with getting her fixed (I've changed all sorts of sensors with no improvement). Thanks, James
  6. Hi there, Took my 2007 350z out at the weekend (first time in ages!) and after about 10 miles or so, the exhaust got louder like it's blowing. Tried to take a look but couldn't see where it was blowing from - did check the exhaust isn't falling off!! The exhaust is standard currently. So before I go into a local exhaust dealer - if there's a better exhaust to the standard one or particular type/brand that Zed owners have used, could some one let me know please? I'm not looking to scare old ladies with the noise as I go down the street nor am I looking to frighten my insurance company with blistering performance gains. I see talk of Stainless steel exhausts and different configurations but i'm just looking for a good solid replacement - if Stainless steel is the way forward, then fine but the prices look horrendous! And for what gain? Anyway, as you can probably tell, i'm not techy but I love my zed and obviously want the best "standardish" replacement - or at least want to be able to ask about options in the exhaust place when I visit. Should I even visit a local exhaust dealer? Any information gratefully received. Thanks Dave
  7. I have 54 plate, standard UK Spec, Gunmetal 350Z coupe with 95K miles which I have owned from new. Last week it overheated in traffic when the sensor controlling the electric cooling fans failed, this has caused a small hairline crack in the crankcase between the oil pressure sensor and the oil pressure relief blow off valve. It can’t be fixed in-situ, at least that’s what my garage is telling me, but the costs of pulling the engine to effect a repair (or replace the engine with a short block recon unit) are prohibitive to me being able to fix it. So, with a heavy heart, it’s time for me to say goodbye to it and walk away. But, if someone could DIY it then it might be a workable project. The car is, apart from a cat-back stainless exhaust, factory stock. It’s tidy and genuine but not pristine, there are some stone chips, the door skins have some light marks from other car doors, the nearside door mirror has some small, repaired, damage. The alloys have been refurbed but would need to be done again at some point. I’d like to think it has some value, so make me an offer maybe? However I’d be happy if someone else could get enjoyment from a can that has brought me much enjoyment and many grin inducing drives over the years. If you’re interested please reply to this message or DM me. I think my garage will be OK to hold on to it for a week or so, possibly longer if someone is genuinely interested but beyond that I’ll have to let them dispose of it. Obviously it currently isn’t driveable so would need to be transported away.
  8. Hi all, I recently purchased a 2003 Nissan 350Z import Fairlady edition and the car came with a lovely set of alloy wheels. I was wondering if anyone here knows what brand the wheels are or if you could possible help me out identifying them? Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Starting to think about replacemnet for my 370z (Dont beat me up!) Is there anything Nissan are about to launch that may tempt me? If not why not!
  10. I've got an import Fairlady Z and I'm looking for a service manual for a Fairlady Z or 350Z got to look at the lighting diagram on the pinouts of the wiper/headlight switch because looking on a 350z LHD service manual it has a different arrangement of pins and wire color. I don't know if the BCM unit of the Fairlady Z and 350Z is just the same. Thanks.
  11. GTSpec Braces The parts except the mid chassi is currently at the Chilli`s in Surrey for viewing/pickup. Mid chassi brace driven about 5.000km, good condition but some paint scratches (located in Norway): http://www.gtspec.com/product/gtspec-4-point-mid-chassis-reinforcement-brace-350zg35 New price $295 asking £120 (shipping cost is extra) Fender brace New still in package: http://www.gtspec.com/product/gtspec-fender-reinforcement-brace-nissan-350z New price $245 asking £50 bid Rear Lower tie brace, New in package: http://www.gtspec.com/product/gtspec-rear-lower-tie-brace-350zg35g37 New price $90 asking £10 - bid Rear latteral arm brace, fitted about 5.000km, good condition as new: http://www.gtspec.com/product/gtspec-rear-lateral-arm-brace-350zg35 New price $108 asking £10 - bid
  12. Hey there! I'm really new to the community, but I've had some questions of mine answered here in the past. I was wondering if you guys could provide some feedback on an issue I have been experiencing for a couple days now. First, my car: '04 Blue 350z, 81,000 mi. I'm having this issue that recently started where: 1) At any speed my CC works it will intermittently disengage, and 2) When accelerating from any gear, it's almost as if I will start to plateau in my rpms before continuing to accelerate (Applying steady pressure to pedal, the needle will increase, pause, then increase again), and 3) I've noticed more difficulty off the line from 1st gear, which feels more sluggish and bumpy than usual, despite feeling like I'm applying the same pressure as usual. Thank you for any and all help! Have a great day guys!
  13. I'm gauging interest among 350Z owners... Would anyone be interested in a reverse camera solution that integrates with the standard Nissan Nav screen? I would work in the same was as the 2009 370Z ones I sell. The cost is very likely to be the same too. If you are interested then please reply to this thread or PM me. Thanks
  14. I saw the owner of a lovely looking modified Le Mans Sunset Orange 350z today driving around the Watford 1 way system. I caught it up in my recently purchased Midnight Grey 370z GT. We noticed each other and had a cheeky owners club wave! I've seen this car around a few times and I think this guys car is the reason I bought my 370z ! - Dan
  15. Anyone on here? it was today 11/05/14....Not 11/04/14 as per title...Doh!!! http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g441/PaulXJ8/Basingstoke%20Car%20Show%2011-05-14/BCS14_zps350d81c7.jpg http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g441/PaulXJ8/Basingstoke%20Car%20Show%2011-05-14/BCS14_2_zpsd7fd25ce.jpg http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g441/PaulXJ8/Basingstoke%20Car%20Show%2011-05-14/BCS14_7_zpsf1a48f03.jpg http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g441/PaulXJ8/Basingstoke%20Car%20Show%2011-05-14/BCS14_4_zps00606aac.jpg http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g441/PaulXJ8/Basingstoke%20Car%20Show%2011-05-14/BCS14_3_zps7a537a81.jpg http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g441/PaulXJ8/Basingstoke%20Car%20Show%2011-05-14/BCS14_5_zps3330b1b8.jpg http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g441/PaulXJ8/Basingstoke%20Car%20Show%2011-05-14/BCS14_6_zpsfa782694.jpg
  16. Just traded in my Porshe 911 for a 2006 350Z (Am I mad I hear you say...Maybe I am) as I wanted something a bit less refined with close to the performance of the 911. I have been very active on various forums and enjoy meets, events etc. Anyway Hi and pic of the new Z below http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g441/PaulXJ8/media16_zps4da85813.jpg
  17. For sale, a genuine Nissan 350Z cargo net: As new, used but not abused. £25 delivered to the UK
  18. Hi guys new to this lol anyway I'm 19 from Dorset and I'm getting a 350z soon but the problem is I can't find anyone that can give me temporary insurance so I can pick one up when I buy it which is really frustrating as I am hopeing to drive jt down Cornwall for run to the sun in a couple of weeks aswell so if any of you know anyone who can insure for a weekend is be very happy
  19. It would be appreciated if anyone who owns / has owned a 350Z roaster could post up their views on the car, any weak points / strengths over other roadsters, what to look out for when buying one, etc.
  20. I've not heard of this chap before. He sure can handle his 350Z drift car! http://grinya.com/images/igallery/resized/1501-1600/DSC02006_1920x1080_WP-1532-1000-600-85-c.jpg http://youtu.be/c47EKUyEWsw Info here on grinya.com (it really helps if you let your browser translate if from Russian!)
  21. 2009 Nissan 370Z: Design Dissected This year, as the2009 Nissan 370Z is set to be unveiled next week at the LA Auto Show, marks nearly 40 years since the first Z car's simple origins as the 1969 Datsun 240Z. Since then we've seen the Z go all over the place, from tech-heavy with the 1991 300ZXTT and just plain heavy with the outgoing 350Z. But big was still beautiful, and each iteration of the itty-bitty Nissan, including the final one, has retained many of the simplistic design elements from the original '69. But now there's a new Z car. Will the design stack up with what's come before? The Original Z The biggest single influence on the original Z was Yutaka Katayama, affectionately referred to as the “Father of the Z”. In the pre-Z years, Katayama fell in love with the Jaguar XKE and viewed it as perfect; the epitome of the sports car. Fueled by Katayama’s passion and the acquisition of the Prince Motor Company (a small company of enthusiasts who birthed the Skyline) in 1966, Nissan put the Z into production during October of 1969. Badged as the Datsun Fairlady Z in Japan, this small GT gained huge acclaim for both its design and performance. When it came time to sell the Z in the U.S. the cars were shipped wearing the Fairlady badges, but Katayama felt strongly against using the Fairlady name in America and shifted to the numbered designation that we know today (the Fairlady name is still used in Japan). Despite this small discrepancy between the two markets, the Z quickly gained cult status here in America. The New Z Fast forward to today and you’ll see that same kind of passion in the new-for-2009 Nissan 370Z. The five-point design criteria for the original Z car was: 1.) A coupe design for safety and comfort. 2.) A style that would set it apart from other coupes. 3.) A design that allowed part sharing for lower development costs. 4.) An innovative use of design and technology. 5.) It had to be functional and fast. The outgoing 350Z was a great attempt to rebirth these original design philosophies, but the car was portly; something the original Z was most definitely not. It appears Nissan's attempted to combat this, shortening the 370Z significantly and returning it to the 99-inch wheelbase, long regarded as the "perfect" sports car wheelbase. This cut in length translates into a lighter, more taught Z; the added horsepower doesn’t hurt either. Katayama would be proud. Z vs. Z These changes (and others) beg a comparison to the original car, so let's do that. Below we’ll dissect the design of the 2009 Nissan 370Z in each sector of the car — the front, the side, the rear, the interior and of course, the badging. Front http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/jalopnik/2008/11/07-frontend-comparo.jpg Other than the twin protruding “teeth” in the grille, the most noticeable change to the front end of the 370Z is a set of controversial “boomerang” headlights mimicking the design language set forth by the new 2009 Maxima. The lights now house LED turn signals as opposed to the 350Z’s bumper mounted set. Gone are the geometric shapes that dominated the front of the outgoing car and we welcome the new aggressively shaped mouth, the outer edge of which hints at its brethren, Nissan GTR. Add the lights to the toothy grin of the grille and you'll see a much more aggressive look to the 370Z and add a sense of depth to the front when compared to the outgoing model. Side The first thing you’ll notice on the side of the 370Z is the radically changed upper profile which now peaks sharply at the top of the A-pillar (more than a little reference to the GTR) and slopes quickly toward the rear of the car. The new window shape is a distinct throwback to the original 1969 240Z and helps highlight the ultra aggressive rear fenders. The fender edges have also grown in size to add to the muscular new stance. The lower rocker area has been reshaped to help lessen the 370Z’s visual mass and provide interest to the previously dull body side. Also of note is the shorter wheelbase and overall length. If you look closely you’ll see that Nissan took most of the visual mass out of the front and rear overhangs, but less noticeable is the decreased surface area between the trailing door shut line and the rear wheel opening. The controversial mechanically designed door handle returns, but in a more streamlined, delicate form. It features a raised touch surface for the keyless entry system; a feature similar to that found on the GT-R. Rear The muscular, shorter tail of the 370Z is clearly visible when directly compared with the 350Z. This is the view where the rear haunches are most noticeable; punching out from the rear fender sheet metal. The roof/hatch cut line sweeps quickly to the rear and forms the outer edge of the new “boomerang” style rear LED taillight. Gone is the rear wiper setup, providing a much cleaner look to the rear hatch glass which itself has been reshaped and now tucks in between two channels forming the top edge of the deck surface. The deck surface now sits taller with a taught trailing edge with an integrated CHMSL. The rear plate pocket sits lower in the fascia drawing your eye toward the two large tailpipes and pulls its shape from the 1984 300ZX model. Gone are the twin reverse lamps of the 350Z, replaced by a single lamp situated low on the fascia, between the tailpipes. Interior The new interior looks to be a vast improvement over the 350Z and follows in line with current Nissan/Infiniti interior design language as well as paying homage to the original 240Z. The 3 spoke steering wheel is taken from the new ‘09 Maxima as are the navigation and HVAC controls. The main adjustable gauge cluster retains its 3 pods with the tachometer taking center stage, the speedometer sitting to the right and to the left is a new driver information display containing all the secondary readouts. The instrument panel beltline remains low and wraps into the doors and the console sweeps into the center stack; design features from the original 240Z. The triple gauge pod returns at the top of the center stack and houses the oil and volt gauges as well as a clock, now located in the furthest binnacle. Continuing the tradition of current sporting Nissans is a push button start for the keyless entry system. Nissan even included a cup holder for your Big Gulp. The door skins feature a new cut and sew leather pad (also seen on the console), a huge improvement in comfort, though the passenger loses the door pull from the 350Z. The large cross support bar of the 350Z is gone, replaced by a smaller, stiffer bar that does not impede on rear storage space. Badge The design of the 2009 370Z badge resembles the outgoing model’s, but like the exterior of the car, the Z is now more crisp, more muscular and more purposeful; the perfect expression of this new model. It can be found on the front nose, the front fenders aft of the front wheels and prominently displayed on the airbag cover of the new steering wheel. Conclusion The 2009 Nissan 370Z arrives with the long hood, short rear deck proportion of the original 240Z and does so in a fresh and handsome new way. Although we'll have to see it in person to know for sure, so far this appears much less an evolution of the 350Z and more a homage to the original Z car design philosophies, something we wholeheartedly welcome. (All credit to the original article here)
  22. Its a 2004 Kuro Black 350z GT for sale C5UPE - £10000 with the number plate £9000 without the plate which I will set back to 04 It is GT version (so for the new guys on here) comes with the following over non GT: -Leather heated seats -Cruise Control -BOSE sound system (CD player does not skip and works fine use it every time im out in the Zed) 61k on the clock (5th August 2012) and used a few times a week so will rise slightly each week, tax till end of the year MoT till Feb 2013. Bought in April 2011 in stock condition and has since seen lots of care and attention. In the way of mechanical upkeep it has needed: -New Clutch and Flywheel at 46k miles -Front and rear re-sprayed -New cv joint to cure common clicky axle problem It has been extensively modified to make the most of the looks and engine potential: Exterior -Volks Racing 19” GT-V two colour alloys with Falken 452 tyres plenty of tread -Black Diamond Brake Pads and Discs changed Feb 2012 -HKS Braided Brake Lines -Stillen front splitter -Aerokit side steps -Front bumper grille insert -Debadged and smoothed front and back -Bosch Aeroblade wipers on front and back -Custom 350z badge on back -Bumper tuck Interior -Carbon wrapped rear strut, steering wheel and door grabs -Black satin wrapped centre console -Momo matching handbrake and gear lever -Vertical tonneau boot separator -Bluetooth handsfree Mechanical -Stillen cold air intake -Berk Technology High Flow Cats -Milltek cat back exhaust -Motordyne Plenum Spacer -Horsham Developments Grounding Kit in red -Denso Iridium Sparks replaced 8 months ago -Aluminum cooling panel -Custom engine bay bolt kit in red -Nismo rad and oil caps -Some spray work to code to red All topped off with a remap at Abbey which I can provide dyno print outs for - the remap gave gains of 14bhp and 17lbft of torque but most importantly ironed out the 'divots' in the power graphs to give a smoother and more progressive drive. Private plate will be sold with the car valued at £1175 by DVLA when I bought the car, I have plates made up that your can put on it which are spaced and non spaced ie C5UPE and C5 UPE, its up to you what you want to fit never been stopped by plod for the spacing but the spaced plates are useful to put over the non spaced ones come MoT time. Last service was done Dec 11 by an independent that included all the normal items plus a change on the belts and complete change of gear and diff oil with Nissan oils along with molyslip. Prior to that it was all done at Nissan garages. As with any eight year old car there are a few things that are what you would call bad points: -Bodywork is average, up close some scratches on the paintwork, stand a little back though and not noticeable -Chip in the front splitter, in the middle, underneath, not very noticeable unless you know its there -Alloys need a refurb with kerbing on two of them -Small rust spot on front fender needs a chipsaway or similar attention I also have a set of standard 18" (not Rays) alloys with bridgestone tyres on which will come with the car. Perfect for taking it on the track if that’s what you want or for using over winter. Also had two days of detailing sessions, full body machine polish and sealed with Supernatural wax which I have topped up so there is a decent wax seal on there which will last you the next couple of months at least. I have a box of spare bits (ie the bolts removed for the plenum spacer, a couple of 350z badges etc) which you can take also. Only thing at the moment is that I just moved house to Richmond and have sent off the V5 to change address so cannot sign it over to anyone immediately, but if you want to come take a look and willing to wait a week or so for the document to come back then its all yours. Reason for sale, I am changing careers, had enough of being a director at a research company and am going to be a Maths teacher! Financially worlds apart which forces the sale...I have taken hundreds of pictures over the last year or so so if you want more let me know and I will pop them over to you.
  23. I saw this for sale at a garage in Beaulieu last week: It's the first I've ever seen. Obviously an import. I think the Ultra yellow makes a great convertible Here are the details if you're interested (Sorry about the poor quality phone pics)
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