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  1. Well this seems definitive! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiqOLRJi7nU http://youtu.be/aiqOLRJi7nU
  2. Hi Folks, Did anyone here go to this? I went along with some local friends and there was one amazing example of an Amuse, AAM Twin Turbo 370Z with custom interior, featuring Braum seats. Whether you were there or not, I thought some of you may enjoy seeing a little of the day... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yMJ89zOGuw
  3. Hi everyone. Hope you're all keeping well and safe! As we've been in lockdown and to celebrate hitting 1000 subscribers, I've put together a video detailing all the mods made to our 370z Nismo so far: KW HLS 2 Hydraulic Lift Coilovers KW V3 Coilovers HKS intake filters Cobra High Flow Cat EcuTek +30hp tune EcuTek Connect + App Tarmac Sportz V2 Short Tails YattCar carbon fibre 2015+ rear spoiler-lip EVO-R Carbon B-Pillar EVO-R Carbon Mirror Covers Hope you enjoy...
  4. Last Saturday, with a lockdown imminent, my son and I decided we wanted to do one last drive through London to see some sights and supercars. It was eerie, the streets were empty compared to usual but we still managed to have a ton of fun, even squeezing in a quick tunnel run! Hope you enjoy...
  5. Tarmac Sportz now have a new version of their resonated short tails for the 370z. Available for standard 370Z and Nismo versions. I had the V1 versions before. In this vlog, I test the new V2 versions (and get to check out some awesome 350Zs along the way). Thought you'd find my thoughts on these interesting if not entertaining :-)
  6. I took a friend on his first car meet and tunnel run. It happened to be with the German vs. Japanese Owners Club sister meet... "Surrey 350z and 370z Krispy Kreme Car Meet & Tunnel Run" A really friendly bunch. Sign up to their group page on FB if you want to hear about the next one... This was my experience...
  7. Had the Ecutek Tune from Abbey Motorsport with variable traction control, plus got the Ecutek Connect App and tried it all out at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground... (If you haven't already, make sure you check out the install video) The Abbey/Ecutek Traction is my default now. I switch off stock-traction routinely once I've started the engine. The Abbey/Ecutek TC is far less intrusive than the stock traction control. On the maximum TC setting, it's like it gives you a bit of trust that you know what you're doing (until you give it the first hint that you don't). It leaves you with just enoug
  8. My son and I took a road trip towards the end of the summer and along the way, we went to the Brecon Beacons to check out some of the roads there. These are roads that are the staple of Top Gear, Fifth Gear, The Grand Tour and numerous magazine shoots. We are looking for the UK's ultimate driving roads and the Brecon Beacons seemed like a great place to start... youtube.com/watch?v=CgHoLU4C4a8
  9. I've just had the KW V3 Coilover Kit + HLS2 (Hydraulic Lift System) fitted to my 2018 370Z Nismo and I have to say, I love it!! Images below! Main features: Height AdjustableBump & Rebound AdjustableFront axel lift system at the touch of a buttonAuto-drop on turning off the engineIntegrated button, illuminating while in operationCompact hydraulic pump, fully concealable in the boot/trunk. Huge thanks to Abbey Motorsport on this build! We're not aware of anyone else in the UK with this full kit but if you know someone who has it, let us know. We also couldn't find any examples online o
  10. I've been meaning to post this for a while! If you are picking up or have picked up a new 370Z, especially the Nismo, double check: 1. Transport suspension blocks have been removed! 2. Towing eye cover is fitted. These are among the things that are supposed to be done during the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) but seems several dealers have overlooked both. I've been seeing Nismos that sit a little high at the front... This is because of the suspension blocks that are fitted to the springs to stop the car bouncing around on the transporter. If the suspension is really stiff – like really rea
  11. Hi All, I've been recording my 370z Journey (among other adventures) and will soon be posting these on YouTube. Watch the trailer on YouTube. As my son and I have just started the channel, we need 100 subscribers to have our channel name as the URL... It would be great if you could give us your support by subscribing here. Watch the trailer now...
  12. Hi there, I am selling a set of 19" Rays from my 370Z. They are chrome and in near perfect condition. They have never been refurbished, touched up or molested in any way. As you can see from the pics they have 4 good tyres( Bridgestones). I am looking for about £750 for the set. If you want them it is collection from near Nottingham or you can arrange your own courier. I cant upload any more pictures as it keeps telling me they are too big so if you want any more photos then pm me your email address and I will send some through. I am a bit of a techno Luddite so I hope this works. Cheers Steev
  13. The wipers on my Zed are the originals and I thought it's about time I changed them - they've recently been less efficient at clearing the screen. I started looking into the alternatives and it all got a bit confusing (and expensive). The single bendy blade type aren't cheap! My Nissan dealer quoted me £31.93 for the drivers' side and £24.72 for the passenger side - and you need to add VAT on that! In the end I ordered a set of blade refills from Nissan for £12. I'll let you know how I get on fitting them when they arrive. For reference, the driver side is 21" and the passenger 19". Out
  14. I've just had a play with my prototype for a reverse camera kit for those with a 2009 370Z which has the factory (not Connect Premium) Nav. Good news! It works! The control box works just like the NavTool unit i.e. it gives you a reverse camera input which automatically switches when you put the car into reverse, as well as second composite video input that is manually switchable should you want to wire in a screen cam, forward facing camera, DVD, etc. My solution has some advantages over the NavTool: It's cheaper!It doesn't require you to modify the NavTool loom to make it work on
  15. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201807128395086?sort=distance&advertising-location=at_cars&radius=10&postcode=al23dg&seller-type=private&onesearchad=Used&page=1
  16. Ok, like the 350z before it - it seems the 370 can have a clicking rear axle. As per the post raised by squeaky here: I could only hear it when the windows were open, but coming on and off the accelerator - there was a click, also going into reverse. Looking on the web it seemed to point to two possibles - brakes and drive shafts. I tried the usual to clean the brakes up, but it didn't fix it, and reading the web some people seem to have driven like this for 30,000 miles with no issues, But thought of metal hitting metal sounded expensive and needed fixing. I booked it in and the Mas
  17. For sale - all you need to install a reverse (back up) camera to your 2009/early 2010 UK and German Nissan 370Z. This works with the first batch of Nissan 370Z cars that have a Sat Nav and pre-date the Connect Premium cars. The rear facing camera is automatically selected when you put the car into reverse. However, this kit also allows for an AUX video signal to be displayed on the Nav screen (selectable by a switch) for use with forward cameras, DVD players, iPod, etc. The kit contains the connection loom that plugs into the Nav unit, a video converter, the rear camera (that replaces
  18. Can anyone help source some FRONT drop links for the 370Z? I have some Whiteline ones for the rear and they do the trick - not a bad price too! However, there seems to be a real shortage of front ones. I've found some SPL Pro Suspension ones which look like this: http://cdn.splparts.com/large/SPLFEZ34_1.JPG But they aren't cheap and I don't think there is a UK seller. Also, I don't see how these can be adjusted when they are on the car. Or am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated
  19. Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jakov from Zagreb, Croatia, and I'm a new, proud owner of a 2011 370Z. Bought it just recently from my father's good friend who babied it, kept in a pristine condition and under 30k kilometers, after I had a great, three year long run with my Mini R56. Zs are fairly rare cars here in Croatia and there isn't any kind of a Nissan, or in fact any other car enthusiast group available close to me locally, so I am more than proud to be a part of yours!
  20. Hi all, I'm having a clear out and want to get rid of my stock exhaust off my 370z. Car had only done 25k when I put an Nvidia system on so the old one has hardly done any work. Free to anyone who wants to collect it. It is in one complete piece though, so it will need a van or a decent size estate to get it in. I'm in Shropshire. Please message if you want to know more
  21. Here is a little guide to show the differences between the 2 reverse camera kits I make for the 370Z. 2009 / 2010 wiring layout 2010+ Connect Premium wiring layout As for which kit to choose? You don't have a choice as it depends which Nav unit you have! 2009 / 2010 kit available here 2010+ Connect Premium kit available here Paul
  22. I had an unexpected walk home from the station tonight. Ever since the steering lock failures came to light I've been keeping a very close eye on the warning signs. But I had none. It was fine this morning, and it failed tonight. Still, it could have been a lot worse. I was only a few miles from home (1 mile from the dealer!) and the car was left in a safe place. I followed my own advice and took the opportunity to call Nissan Customer Services whilst I was walking home. I've got a reference number from them and emailed my dealer tonight. So we'll see how this one progresses. The c
  23. Hi everybody!! At last I have a 370z; waited a while but the wait was worth it. Love this car; a car you have to really drive, a car you have to meld with (wax lyrical). Everytime I take her out I smile all the time; who needs happy pills? Not new but low mileage and looked after. Now the fun begins.
  24. It's only taken me 2yrs of research, searching, headaches, and expense but I am very happy to say I have cracked stage 1 of my new project. My goal is to fit an in-car PC to give me cheaper / free map upgrades (with postcodes!!!), speed camera alerts, and all my MP3's available at any time. I also wanted to keep the old Nav so it didn't get complicated removing bits that work and I like such as the whole stereo system with integrated heater displays, Bluetooth, etc. This little gadget converts the RGsB video display to CVBS (composite) and S-Video. That means I can install a Lillip
  25. Hi all Picking this up Sundy from Plymouth and can't wait. Looking forward to sharing the experience, on the site and hopefully meeting other members. Jim
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