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Found 12 results

  1. I've just had a play with my prototype for a reverse camera kit for those with a 2009 370Z which has the factory (not Connect Premium) Nav. Good news! It works! The control box works just like the NavTool unit i.e. it gives you a reverse camera input which automatically switches when you put the car into reverse, as well as second composite video input that is manually switchable should you want to wire in a screen cam, forward facing camera, DVD, etc. My solution has some advantages over the NavTool: It's cheaper!It doesn't require you to modify the NavTool loom to make it work on UK cars - I will have already done that for youThere is no need to pull the dash apart or run a wire down the centre tunnel because it all wires into the Nav in the bootJust like my other kit it's 100% plug and play and fully reversible so you can return your car to standard. I don't have a price yet as I need to work out the figures. Unfortunately, it will be more expensive than the Connect Premium solution because I need to buy in the control box and there is a bit more wiring to do. However, it will be cheaper than importing the NavTool, camera, etc. and without all the hassle associated. I will get the first production kit made up early in the New Year so if anyone wants one then send me a PM. If you have any questions then please ask away OK folks, I have put up an official For Sale thread here.
  2. For sale - all you need to install a reverse (back up) camera to your 2009/early 2010 UK and German Nissan 370Z. This works with the first batch of Nissan 370Z cars that have a Sat Nav and pre-date the Connect Premium cars. The rear facing camera is automatically selected when you put the car into reverse. However, this kit also allows for an AUX video signal to be displayed on the Nav screen (selectable by a switch) for use with forward cameras, DVD players, iPod, etc. The kit contains the connection loom that plugs into the Nav unit, a video converter, the rear camera (that replaces a number plate light) and all the wires that go between: Installation is very easy (all within the boot area) and requires no cutting of wires, and is fully reversible should you wish to return your car to standard. Here is the latest version of the installation instructions: 2009 370Z NavTool Reversing Camera Installation Instructions V4.pdf The instructions continue to be updated as more people suggest improvements. The cost (delivered to the UK) is £210 for 'Users' and £200 for paying nissansportz 'Members'. This thread is locked, the discussion thread for the kit can be found here. PM me
  3. Here is a little guide to show the differences between the 2 reverse camera kits I make for the 370Z. 2009 / 2010 wiring layout 2010+ Connect Premium wiring layout As for which kit to choose? You don't have a choice as it depends which Nav unit you have! 2009 / 2010 kit available here 2010+ Connect Premium kit available here Paul
  4. As I mentioned in Chubbs' 'reverse camera' thread, I have been asked to look into making a forward facing camera kit for the 370Z. Obviously, you will need to buy a forward facing camera - NTSC, non flipped image, and without guide lines (since the Z will add them). To be honest, that's all you really need because you can plug that into the video input in the centre cubby hole and select 'Aux' on the head unit. However, I am going to try a video switcher that latches into the reverse camera input so it will automatically select the front & rear camera when you are shuffling the car in a tight spot. You will still need to flip a switch to enable the front camera but the rest will be automatic. I've done a wiring diagram, have all the components (albeit a temporary camera) and will be having a play with it all soon. More news as it happens
  5. For sale - everything you need to install a reversing (back up) camera for your Connect Premium 370Z. Works on all Premium Connect cars regardless of year. Note that Australian cars with the touchscreen Nav do not have the reverse camera option in the system menu and are therefore not compatible. The kit itself can be installed in an afternoon and requires very few tools. It is 'plug and play' so there is no soldering or joining of wires required. It is 100% reversible if you wish to un-install it in the future. The kit contains the connection loom that plugs into the back of the Nav screen, the rear camera (that replaces a number plate light) and all the wires that go between: Here is the latest version of the installation instructions: 370Z Reversing Camera Installation Instructions V7.pdf The instructions continue to be updated as more people suggest improvements. The cost (delivered to the UK) is £110 for 'Users' and £100 for paying nissansportz 'Members'. For those outside of the EU please add an additional £10 to cover postage. This thread is locked, the discussion thread for the kit can be found here. PM me
  6. For sale is my beautiful black 370Z. 2010 model Manual Reversing camera Sat nav and music box/hard drive (premium connect) Tracker fitted Full service history 42,000 miles New tyres all round Link to the ebay advert is here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSAN-370Z-GT-V6-BLACK-2010-in-superb-condition-Very-Well-Maintained-41600miles-/221840102464?hash=item33a6b35440 Will reduce the asking price by £500 for any paid up forum member. This has been my pride and joy and its in superb condition. I'm absolutely gutted to be selling it but hope that another nissansportz member will have the chance to own this cracking car. Get in touch with any questions.
  7. I'm gauging interest among 350Z owners... Would anyone be interested in a reverse camera solution that integrates with the standard Nissan Nav screen? I would work in the same was as the 2009 370Z ones I sell. The cost is very likely to be the same too. If you are interested then please reply to this thread or PM me. Thanks
  8. Full nissansportz 'Members' are eligible for a £10 discount on 370Z reverse camera kits. See here for Connect Premium See here for non-Connect Premium 2009 models
  9. This makes interesting reading. http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/gps-news/redflex-hadecs.jpg Judging by what people are saying these are around J5 and J6 of the M25 (Clacket Lane Services) in both directions. Keep 'em peeled!
  10. http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/gps-news/spcs-average-speed-cameras-m1.jpg More info here
  11. A gentle warning for those of you that use the Dartford crossing. The speed cameras on the Dartford bridge are now live. Be careful out there folks!
  12. Guys which mini/small tripod would you recommend for supporting my Panasonic FZ100 for video use?
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