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  1. Hi All, Well, technically it's £883,000 but by the time people spec this car up, trust me it's going to be over £1M!... Anyways... Huge thanks to @Paul_S for introducing us to Bob Laishley last year. Bob being the now retired Programme Director for GT-R. This got us access to the GT-R50 prototype for our channel last year... That video took off in December and is now at almost 100K views! (Thanks again Paul!!) Anyway, we stayed in touch with Bob and after the official launch of the GT-R50 he and I had a chat and he shared a few things with me that weren't covered in the official launch..
  2. I took a friend on his first car meet and tunnel run. It happened to be with the German vs. Japanese Owners Club sister meet... "Surrey 350z and 370z Krispy Kreme Car Meet & Tunnel Run" A really friendly bunch. Sign up to their group page on FB if you want to hear about the next one... This was my experience...
  3. Hey everyone. I've been a little quiet on the forum just as I've been mad busy with work and enjoying the summer with my son. Which brings me to... At Players Classic, I saw something I never thought I'd see...
  4. I thought these logos might be useful for you at some point. For example, if you are having any decals made up. I've included a thumbnail so you can see what the logo looks like. Download the (zipped) EPS file for the real, scalable, version. Akebono Logo: Akebono Logo.zip Brembo Logo: Brembo Logo.zip GT-R Logo: GT-R Badge Logo.zip HKS Logo: HKS Logo.zip Infiniti Badge and Name Logo: Infiniti Badge and Name Logo.zip Nismo Name Logo: Nismo Name Logo.zip Nissan 350Z Badge Logo: Nissan 350Z Badge Logo.zip Nissan 370Z Badge Logo: Nissan 370Z Badge L
  5. Forgive me if this is a repost.... If you are struggling to read the next few images then download the PDF at the end of this post. Enjoy http://www.nicoclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Nissan_GTR_aerodynamic_development-1.jpg http://www.nicoclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Nissan_GTR_aerodynamic_development-2.jpg http://www.nicoclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Nissan_GTR_aerodynamic_development-3.jpg http://www.nicoclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Nissan_GTR_aerodynamic_development-4.jpg RaceToRoadGTR.pdf
  6. Not only a great car, but a very distinctive plate, N1 GTR, going north on the M6 today just north of Preston at about 11am. Jeff.
  7. This is so sad http://www.gtspirit.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/unnamed1-640x423.jpg Article here on GTSpirit Link to YouTube (this one won't play embedded)
  8. I think it looks good! I'm not sure about the handling though... Have a read here
  9. The nissansportz Committee are happy to announce that the club have been invited to watch some GT-R nismo GT3 testing at Donington on Thursday 13th February. Both JRM and JMH Automotive will be there with one of these: You will have the opportunity to chat with the good folk from JRM and JHM as well as take some pictures / videos. If you are able to go please add your name to this thread and I will PM you the details
  10. Rick Kelly getting a bit close to the wall in the Bathurst 12hr in Australia: He's 5th on the grid (all the class A cars cover the first 12 places) so good luck
  11. http://www.gtspirit.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/7256e244-a940-4b5a-a44e-c516fcf590f4-640x368.jpg Meet the Alpha Performance Logic Nissan GT-R, the fastest car in the United Arab Emirates, no easy title to hold in a region when people barely stop to take a second glance at Ferrari 458′s and Lamborghini Aventadors. As you would have guess the car has been heavily modified and as a result the engine now produces a mind blowing 1200 horsepower! The car visited the Yas Marina Circuit Circuits Drag Strip and clocked a scarcely believable 8.234 second time to cover 400 meters! (Story cou
  12. carwitter has a little look around JRM...
  13. Severnvalley Motorsport in Telford, Shropshire are developing two 'one-off' Nissan Qashqai-R, one at 900bhp and the other 1000bhp. Makes quite an interesting project for any one Nissan GT-R mad Pictures and Specs found here; http://www.severnvalleymotorsport.co.uk/about-us/nissan-qashqai-r-svm
  14. Enjoy... (source: http://bridgetogantry.com/2/index.php/home/news/561-video-2014-nismo-gtr-pushing-for-a-nuerburgring-lap-record-today)
  15. TG chats to Red Bull Racing driver Sebastien Buemi – the man charged with developing the upcoming Nismo GT-R - Top Gear Link
  16. Here's an interesting article in Car and Driver about the 2014 GT-R Track Edition. http://media.caranddriver.com/images/13q3/525140/2014-nissan-gt-r-track-edition-photo-533419-s-986x603.jpg http://media.caranddriver.com/images/13q3/525140/2014-nissan-gt-r-track-edition-rear-wing-photo-533448-s-986x603.jpg http://media.caranddriver.com/images/13q3/525140/2014-nissan-gt-r-track-edition-interior-photo-533453-s-986x603.jpg http://media.caranddriver.com/images/13q3/525140/2014-nissan-gt-r-track-edition-interior-badge-photo-533468-s-986x603.jpg http://media.caranddriver.com/images/13q3/525
  17. I like the sound of this http://db.carbuzz.com/images2/300000/3000/0/303085.jpg To be street legal?
  18. Steering Lock Failures on the Nissan 370Z and GT-R As you will have read on nissansportz.com and many other forums, there is a known potential fault with the steering locks fitted to early 370Z and GT-R cars. This guide has been compiled from information from our members, our own investigations and through communications with Nissan UK. The aim of this is to provide facts on the failures and cut out any hearsay and myths with regards to this issue so you know where you stand. The issue As part of the keyless entry system, the 370Z and GT-R are fitted with a solenoid that activates / deacti
  19. Watch A Screaming 1,700 Horsepower Nissan GT-R Hit 186 MPH In 12.8 Seconds Source: jalopnik
  20. http://youtu.be/_oi2iqsino0 youtube link Not bad!
  21. Technical Specification Engine Type: Nissan VR38DETT: 3.8 litre, V6, twin-turbo Maximum power output: >500+ bhp @ 6,400 rpm* Maximum torque output: >650+ nm @ 4,000 rpm* Suspension Dampers: Ohlins TTX with two-­way adjustment Anti-­roll bars: Front and rear adjustable blade Transmission Gearbox: Hewland 6-­speed sequential Clutch: Sachs 4-­plate sintered Shift system: Semi-automatic pneumatic paddle Crown wheel and pinion: Endurance specification Prop shaft: Endurance specification, lightweight CFRP Drive shafts: Endurance specification, lightweight Bra
  22. Less than a year after he stepped into a racing car for the very first time, Jann Mardenborough has taken pole position for the first of this weekend's British GT races at the Nürburgring. This is also the first pole position for the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 car. Jann's performance today is even more spectacular when you consider the fact that this is the first time he has been to the Nürburgring. As the newest recruit to Nissan's roster of GT Academy graduates, Jann has a lot to live up to and results like this are concrete proof of the success of the programme. "Jann's performance today w
  23. AutoExpress have had a play in the two cars - http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/carreviews/firstdrives/280153/nissan_juker_vs_gtr.html The lucky beggars
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