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Found 11 results

  1. After an extremely succesful trip to CAT Driver Training, I thought I would start a post to see who else may be interested in attending an event like this. If there are sufficient numbers, I will start discussing with Jo at CAT to see what date are available (it would likely be September/October). Please note that these events are for MEMBERS ONLY as CAT discount the prices for our club. So if you are a non-member and are interested, please PM Chilli Red (Club Secretary) to find out how to become a member. I would add that the benefits of membership go way beyond this one event of course. If you'd like to know a little more about what the day would involve, the thread with our recent feedback/pics is here and the overvew of the day from CAT is below: There is access to the 5 unique circuits at the renowned Millbrook Proving Ground, a venue that is not normally accessible for 'track days' and the general public. Activities designed for the different circuits are: • Learn threshold braking from high speed on the Mile Straight • High speed driving, potentially to the maximum of your car, on the banked circuit of the High Speed Circuit • Drive the demanding Alpine Route circuit with its hills, and variety of corners from hairpins to long and sweeping • Take on the tight, twisty and challenging Handling Circuit • Put your car through its paces on the open spaces of the Steering Pad/Mile Straight Apron An instructor will accompany you on all the circuits, and the objective is to teach you how to get the best from your car and develop your performance driving skills in a controlled environment and at a pace you are comfortable with. Short presentations in vehicle dynamics will help you to understand the relationship between driver input and vehicle balance and control. From this comes the appreciation of how to safely drive your vehicle at grip limit within the controlled confines of a track environment. At the end of the day, your new found skills can be put to the test in a timed shoot out around a gymkhana-style course laid out on the Steering Pad/Mile Straight Apron. If you want more info or details of potential cost, feel free to PM me but please post up if you are interested. Performance Day Budbongo / Kev T / GavC Follow Up to the above GavC / Blobbish / John_K / Kev T / Ste_ac /
  2. Please post your pics and report up here John & Scott - I'll do mine tomorrow, I'm knackered after an epic day and a long drive!
  3. Go Japan! – Japanese Automotive & Cultural Celebration The club would love to see you at the above event, maybe one last hoorah for you and your car before those SORN months?! The club have secured a club stand for nissansportz, and current members who have paid their membership as of 27th August can benefit from club subsidised entry (all adult members in the car payed for by the Club by way of a refund, after attendance on the club stand). Non members can attend but will not benefit from the subsidy. easy booking steps; Go here, to book your tickets: MSV Tickets - Go Japan! - Brands Hatch AND Go here, to add your car to the nissansportz club stand: Club Stands – Go Japan! The code you require is: 55002551 AND Let me know, by commenting on this thread that you've done the above, so I can cross check your club booking. Attendance; John_K - 370Z Nismo v1 White Neutreus - Gunmetal GTR R35 Paul_S - 370Z (The Honey Monster) Scott Robinson - Gunmetal GTR R35
  4. The above was a Members Only event (with ticket prices refunded for all Members that attended). Please see below for reports and pictures for you to peruse and if you're not already a Member, it's well worth considering, even if it's just for events like these
  5. Hi everyone are there any meetings on the horizon? in the south west? or maybe a coffee and a chin wagg i am Bristol based 😉
  6. With 2020 close to forgotten - Lets have another go with this one. Cancelled in 2020, some of you may still have tickets for the 2021 event not opting for a refund. It would be good to understand where we are with regards to attendance and those who are thinking about it to share details of the event and how to apply for them. You can still get a spot at the classic using the links below and the discount code of 2020CCD062 Tickets can be purchased by following these direct links below depending on what days you wish to attend: Weekend: https://tickets.silverstone.co.uk/series-extra-products.aspx?series=21CLASSICCCD Sunday: https://tickets.silverstone.co.uk/extra-products.aspx?fixture=21CLASSICCCDSUN Saturday: https://tickets.silverstone.co.uk/extra-products.aspx?fixture=21CLASSICCCDSAT Friday: https://tickets.silverstone.co.uk/extra-products.aspx?fixture=21CLASSICCCDFRI Just need to apply the code of 2020CCD062 in the (do you have a promotion code) the discount code box will appear during the final stages of checkout to get the club discounts. In the case of a 3 day pass it will reduce the cost currently to £105 - a single ticket is for 2 people and a parking spot with the shared club stand. Who are we sharing with? Again in the coming year we will be sharing with the Classic Z Register, we shared a spot in 2019 and the 50th Anniversary and the mix of old and new Z Cars were a real attraction (even if the weather wasn't). So we will be back with this club again. So when you book your spot don't worry that a different club is listed. It just makes sense to have a greater presence and hopefully a better spot in the infield. On the plus side they were a really nice and friendly bunch of Guys and Gals. What Happened Last Time We were lucky enough to be invited to do a parade lap of the circuit on the Saturday afternoon. To mark the 50th Anniversary, and while this won't necessarily happen in 2021. A reminder of the event: Pictures and thread from the last time the club attended can be found here: The event is a real mixture of Historic racing, car clubs and trade stalls. It would be great if you can make it in 2021. So who is up for this in 2021 - A Day, 2 Days or a entire weekend? (Condition is it really needs to be a Z Car or GTR in attendance - the organizers have a right to push cars to the outer car parks if they simply don't meet the club criteria unfortunately)
  7. We have been invited to participate in the Motorsports section of the RAF Brize Norton Families' Day this year on Sept 4th. This is how their Ctte present the event; I would like to start by saying thank you so much for agreeing to be a part of Royal Air Force Brize Norton’s Families Day 2021. We are very grateful to have you joining us and having all your wonderful vehicles on display really is quite a spectacle, especially whilst parked alongside the largest aircraft in the RAF’s strategic transport fleet. I just need to remind you of a few points, and detail some information for the day below so please do read through carefully. Those of you who are MDs, chairs, and organisers for your clubs and companies please pass this email on to all of your drivers. What is a Families Day? For those of you who have not joined us before the Families Day is a chance for all the serving and ex-serving RAF families and friends to get together to enjoy a wonderful day out. It is a chance for us to give back to them and say a big thank you for all their support, patience and understanding of the roles and responsibilities we fulfil all over the world on behalf of our country and Her Majesty the Queen. The event will consist of a funfair, static aircraft displays, a fly past, a parachute display, food stalls, traders, an open air concert in the evening and a ton of other entertainments and festivities. Being part of the Autosport Display you will get exclusive access to an active airfield and will be parked on the 99 Sqn pan alongside the UK’s strategic transport fleet and various other static aircraft. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get access to an active military airfield, park alongside some of the most iconic transport aircraft of the modern era – the C-17 Globemaster, C-130J Hercules, A400M Atlas and Voyager; plus also be part of a day that brings happiness to thousands of RAF personnel and their families. How will the day run? Between 8:00am and 10:00am you will arrive at RAF Brize Norton Main Gate. On arrival your information and ID will be checked, and you will be issued passes. You will then be put into groups of 10 cars + and escorted to the airfield. Once at the airfield you will be under the direction of Marshals at all times. They will be wearing High Visibility vests and will direct you to where we wish you to park. Once on base you will be directed and parked as you arrive, there will be no ability to wait for friends or other members of your groups as it would hamper the process and make it extremely difficult for the small numbers of volunteers we have to control everything safely. To that end, if you wish to be parked together or in groups then please arrange to meet somewhere in advance and drive to RAF Brize Norton in convoy, it would also be advisable to arrive early on to avoid the traffic. Once you are parked up the day is yours to enjoy. There will be plenty going on and plenty to see. If you wish to bring chairs etc to sit by your cars feel free. In fact, we encourage this to enable you to chat with interested members of the public. Please make sure you keep hold of all belongings and litter however as a stray item can be very bad news for an aircraft engine. Please bear in mind the event timings; we cannot cater for display vehicles leaving early because of the large volume of foot traffic expected. We would appreciate sensible behaviour and to keep noise levels to a minimum, so no loud stereos or revving engines please. We are happy to accommodate photos of you and your vehicles with the aircraft, this is a unique opportunity for a very different kind of backdrop. This will take place at the end of the day, and again, will be under the direction of staff to avoid potential damage to you, your vehicles or our aircraft. So, this is going to be a fairly special opportunity for those of you with an interest in aviation, particularly of the military and large kind, to spend a day quite literally "in the middle of it". The photo opportunity afterwards sounds too good to miss. Please note that this will be a "Members Only" event and that full details will be posted in the Members section. Because of the closing date for registration (which I will do as Event Organiser) for access to the base you must be a member of the club on the date you apply, latest 20 July 2021. We are not limited in car numbers, either high or low - there's a lot of parking there! Any questions to me please by PM or by Chairman@nissansportz.club.
  8. Having finally got home and had some tea, I'm ready to give a brief overview of the Members event that 6 of us attended today with CAT Driver Training at Milbrook Proving Grounds. It all started with 5 of us meeting up at a Car Park a few minutes from Milbrook having fuelled our cars. Chaz, who is local to the area popped along to meet us - always good to see you fella! Here's a couple of pics from the meet ............ We then had a little convoy to Milbrook Proving Grounds where we met Dan in his 200SX ............ We were met at the gate by Jo and we headed into the grounds to CAT's base within the circuit. Pictures or video aren't allowed whilst on site apart from at the base. When we arrived at the base we met Colin and Paul who would be our instructors for the day and had a full briefing on what the day would entail. What followed has been one of the best driving experiences I've ever had. I can honestly say that anyone who has a vague interest in what their car can do or would just like more confidence in knowing how your car will handle under different situations, should absolutely attend this training. We learnt various techniques from things that may seem simple, like finding the limit of your cars braking without the ABS kicking in - on the mile straight, to using one consistent turn of the wheel through corners all the way through to trail braking techniques. All of what we learnt though translates to a better understanding of how your car will react on the road and how you can get the most out of them. The day culminated in a consistency challenge where we had to put 3 flying laps together in as close a time to each other as possible. Well done to John_K who was the winner and well done to CrayZ who won Driver of the Day. I think as corny as it sounds though, we all felt like winners because it was just such an awesome day. There was just time for a couple of pics at the end of the day before we headed off (into a massive downpour where you couldn't see where you were going! - thank goodness that held off!) ......... I would like to extend all of our thanks as a club to Colin, Paul & Jo for a simply amazing day - thankyou I'm sure the others will be along shortly to share their experience and photos.
  9. It is my sincere hope that after an exceptional year for all the wrong reasons, with a vaccine on the horizon, Covid rules will start to become relaxed throughout the course of 2021. At this point in time of course, we do not know when this will be, how the rules may still effect meets and one of the clubs priorities will always be the safety of our members. We all want to see a return to the norm so with that in mind, it is my and the Committee's plan to start getting some events organised in the hope that they are able to proceed. So to that end please use this thread for exactly what the title suggests! Please post up/discuss any ideas in this thread and whether you are willing to get invovled with or organise said idea. Any events agreed to as a Club will then get a dedicated thread to discuss details and will be added to the Club diary/calendar (I will add these once the first event has been confirmed). Thanks and here's to a 2021 where we all get to meet up and enjoy each others company and motors in safety again! Neil.
  10. Below is a list of events currently being planned for the Club in 2021. At the moment all of these are possible/provisional of course subject to National and Regional Covid rules but we're going ahead with getting some events organised and being positive! Where no date is stated, it is TBA. This list will be updated as dates/events are firmed up. March 21 - April 21 - 15 May 21 - (DC) (M) CAT Driver Training Day (EO: Neutreus) - event thread in Members area here 29 May 21 - (DC) MOD day 1 (EO: Chilli Red) - CANX DUE TO COVID REGULATIONS June 21 - xxth July 21 - Organised Car Meet / Event 30th July - 1st Aug - (DC) Silverstone Classic (EO: Lesmo) - event thread here 8th August 21 - (DC) Hendy Performance Open Day (EO: JohnFK) - event thread here 29th August 2021 - (DC) Knebworth House Motor Show (EO: John_K) - event thread here 4th Sept - (DC) (M) Brize Norton Families Day (EO: Jeff-W) - event thread here 26th Sept - (DC) (M) Go Japan! Automotive & Cultural Celebration (EO: JohnK) - event thread here 9th Oct - (DC) (M) Cornering Masterclass @ CAT (EO: Neutreus) - event thread here Nov 21 - Dec 21 - AGM (M) & Zmas Party (EO: XXX) Key & Colours: · (DC) = Date claimed for diary; arrangements thread yet to be opened. · (M) = Membership Required · (NPC) = No participation as a club (entry will be deleted as date passes) · (EO - ...........) = Event Organiser - name · Green - Planned nissansportz event or participation - National · Red - Planned nissansportz Local event or participation - Regional · Black - Third-party event with possible nissansportz club attendance
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