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Found 1 result

  1. Burning a lot of oil! Low miles. 62k miles 350z 2005 GT Vqde35 276 not revup etc. Compression test showing at: cylinder 1:198psi cylinder 2:182si cylinder 3:199psi cylinder 4:184psi cylinder 5:200psi cylinder 6:185psi Weird that one side is running higher than the other? Oil on spark 2,4,less on 6, not much at all on 1, less again on 3, none on 5. Spark on 5 looked a little white may be running lean on 5? Engine only on 62k. Changed oil for Royal Purple..no issue for 6k miles, then boom over night had seemingly lost 2ltrs of oil. Engine light came on (catalytic converter code) and lots of smoke. Could smell it instantly. So I don't think it had been coming on for a while just appeared to have been sudden. Not losing water, no cream under cap and reservoir not mixing with oil. Changed back to Castrol GTX fully Syn and added stop smoke, reduced it significantly but no fix. Still a lot of smoke at high revs. Also, did a oil treatment clean out in the oil and added Wynn's injector cleaner to the petrol too.(searching for miracles) Changed PCV valve first. This seemed to help for a short drive then next time back to how it was. No noticeable loss of power, still runs smoothly and sounds great. I'm at a loss. At this point I'm guessing it's the oil seals? I don't have time to do a full rebuild myself so thinking about taking it somewhere. Doesn't appear to be guide seals, too much burning oil 1 ltr to 100miles ish! As I said almost overnight. (smell gave it away) Doesn't smoke more in start up then when running. 1-3k revs little smile 3k and above excessive. Anything else I can look for before then? And I'm in Reading, Berkshire, UK, where can I take it for a rebuild/map? Cheers in advance for any ideas!
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