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Found 8 results

  1. In the summer I changed my rather tired Falken Azenis 453 245/40/19 front tyres for a pair of Michelin Pilot Sport 4. The new tyres transformed the car, steering precision, grip and general control is much better. With that in mind I was looking forward to changing the rear set to Michelin PS 4S (275/35/19) but they have recently disappeared from the online retailers (Black circles, Asda, Protyre) and are not listed in that size on the Michelin website. Anybody heard why Michelin have reduced their range of sizes ?
  2. It's almost new tyre time again and I was considering fitting a slightly wider rear tyre, a 285/35 which is the same size as the Nismo version, to give a little bit more grip and make the cars speedo a little less optimistic....... my speedo reads 78mph when I'm actually doing 70mph. Anyone think this is a good or bad idea? And I'm considering buying the new Continental Sport Contact 5 which is available for both front and rear fitments. Funny thing is the 285mm tyre is £20 cheaper then the 275mm tyre? Paul.
  3. Hello everyone need some expert suggestions I need two new tyres 245/45/18.dont wanna break the bank but dont want economy either...any help would be a ppreciated thanks
  4. oem rear tyre for sale! bridgestone potenza re050a 275/35/19 pictures: http://imgur.com/a/v4oF3 done about <10 miles before hitting a pothole on the other side and destroying 1 tyre - so ended up replacing both rear tyres with a stiffer sidewall alternative (damn roads here) can still see the new markings, tread still at ~7mm no punctures or damage of any kind! professionally removed at a tyre place! costs ~220 quid new, asking for 120 quid. pm me or email me at v0id@mail3r.co.uk will need collecting from leeds, west yorkshire or you can arrange a courier to collect it
  5. The Bridgestone RE050A's the car came with are worn out at the front (~2mm tread left which is feeling ropey in the wet) and even though the rears still have some life left in them (~5mm tread) I figured I'd take the plunge and replace the whole set with what should be a much better tyre. The Bridgestones have a lot of grip, but in common with most Bridgestone tyres I've tried on both cars and bikes they don't have much feel so you have to trust that they have the grip rather than feeling it , particularly in wet or cold conditions. I was originally intending to go for the ContiSportContact 5P after reading loads of great reviews about both wet and dry performance, but they don't come in the right size for the 370Z on 19" Rays. Oh well. After shopping round I went for the event-tyres.co.uk option of £1079 fitted at my house. It's not the cheapest way to buy as you can get the tyres delivered for about £940 from some other places, but I figured that seeing as it includes the fitting which would probably cost £100ish that it's worth paying the extra £40 or so for the one-stop convenience. Also booked in for alignment at Abbey Motorsport as the current tyres have some uneven wear, and when you're paying over £1k for a set of tyres I don't want uneven wear as I want them to last as long as possible! Once I get some miles in I'll update with a bit of a review. Anybody else using them?
  6. Hi Guys, I'm a fairly new 370 owner (6 months) and I'm in the unfortunate position of having to change all 4 tyres as they are all pretty worn. However, I'm actually looking at this as an opporunity to replace the stock Bridgestones as I've never really been happy with them and so I'm looking for recommendations. I'd prioritise peformance/grip over life expectancy and have been looking at the Falken 452s, Hankook K107s or Yokohama Advan Sports. Do you have any comments to make on the above tyres or recommendations of others not on the list? Cheers Steven
  7. Hi all, Looking to get a full set of tyres for my 350z - and have recently seen a post on here around this. After haggling the price down all of today, the best deal I cam across is a set of Bridgestone RE050s on the rear, and the RE040s on the front for £500 all in. Now looking at these online, they have great reviews and the deal I've been offered seems pretty cheap - does everyone agree with this? Just wondered if anyone had used the bridgestones at all, and know what they are like? Cheers.
  8. I've put these on ebay so it's fair to all. (cost 35 quid for the privilege *grumbles*) http://cgi.ebay.co.u...3#ht_944wt_1270 http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u92/husky_wingman/05f190c6.jpg
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