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How to Post Pics or Add a Signature Pic


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Right - here we go - it's easy as long as the pics aren't too big. If they are too big the system won't accept them. It's best if you can make them about 200kb max, then they load reasonably quickly.


It's also good to make sure they are no more than 800 pixels wide, so most people can see the photo in its entirety on their screen.




1. Click on 'Add Reply'


2. Click on 'Browse' (it's just below the window you type into when you're making a post)


3. Find the first pic in your computer and double click on it.


4. Click on 'Add This Attachment', then wait. After several seconds the page will reload.


5. Repeat numbers 4 & 5 until you've done all your pics.


6. Finally click on 'Add Reply'.







1. Either open a free Photobucket.com account (like I did) and store your pic in there, or upload your pic to the gallery on this forum.


2. copy the url of your pic. In Photobucket you do this by clicking on "Direct Link", under your chosen pic (eg., http://blahblahblah.com)


3. click on Edit Signature, in your control panel, over to the left there.


4. click on the little tree icon at the top of your typing window.


4. paste the url of your picture into the box that appears.


5. click on Update my Signature

6. Job done!

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