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Shall I try to compile a definive list of who's coming? - In this post.


If you post "I'm coming", I will add you to the list below - but be quick, it's next Tuesday....




The following are coming -


1. Chubbylover + co driver (2 x bangers & mash and 2 mugs of tea)

2. rich (1 x bangers & mash and 2 mugs of tea.. well.. it might be cold)


A to Zee to B

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Right people... parking is booked as requested (rich & chubbs). If anyone else wants to go and wants parking then PM me *before* 3pm and I'll get you on the list. After that time you're out of luck, not even money will sway me as I'll be in the car on my way home and not able to add you to the list until it's way, way too late!

Z-less :(

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Sorry to have missed this one; just got back from work.

RAYS, parking sensors, Tonneau Cover (StuartB), security glass, Alpine DVD satnav, Alpine digital television, DBA discs and Ferrodo pads, spare RAYS for winter, Michelin Pilot Sports for summer, Vredstein Wintrac Extremes for winter, Spill's Grounding Kit, LED rear brake lights, Carbon Fibre switch panel covers (Richard Chen), JL Audio 2 channel amp, Infinity Kappa 6.1 Perfect Speakers, Alpine reverse camera, Sony Ericsson Bluetooth phonekit with audio integration, CAT Driver Training, Nismo Exhaust. KW Variant 3.

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