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Imperial War Museum Duxford - Sunday 3rd May 2009


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After the good time we had at the Duxford show, it's on again.


The admission rate will remain at £9 per person for participants but children under 16 can go in for free.


More info will be up as I have it, but I'm starting the list of now.




Link to the Duxford 2008 show.



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Me too! And please can we get the parking area near the runway! Might even bring two cars - ooops, perhaps I shouldn't say that - tempting fate...

:doh: I'm doing my best for a runway spot...

Me too :oops:


Count me in! :unsure:


I'm in there like swimwear :teeth:


I'm in there like Rick Flair


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Barring The Smiths reuniting, and playing that weekend in the UK, I'll be there.


If they do reunite I'll be there with you Michael :blush2:

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