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Emails And Notifications From nissansportz


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Some of you have said that you haven't received any emails or notifications from nissansportz. Hopefully this should help clear up any problems you may have been experiencing.


What would I expect to receive from nissansportz?

You could get an email when:


1. You have a new PM

2. A reply is added to a thread you have subscribed to

3. Your account is due to expire

4. Occasional emails from the Committee


Why aren't I getting the emails?


This is usually caused by anti-spam measures. Depending on the platform (PC/Mac) and software you use this can be blocked or quarantined in many different ways.


For example, in Outlook then the email may appear in the junk folder. If you use Zone-Alarm that can create it's own junk folders as well.


However, the emails may be blocked by your ISP too and never even arrive at your computer. Sometimes you can change these settings yourself. This is often done by logging into your ISP account and going to your email configuration in webmail. It is possible that you have a junk folder full of old emails in your webmail folder that have never been sent through to you. You may not realise you have this facility but you probably do. If in doubt, check with your ISP or ask here and someone will probably be able to point you in the right direction.


Often you can overcome these blocking issues by simply adding nissansportz to your address book or allow-list / white-list. Do this in your webmail and email client settings if possible.


AOL are notorious for blocking emails and sometimes the best way to get around this is to create a new free webmail account (hotmail, gmail, etc) and use this for the forum instead.


What email address will the messages be sent from?


All automated messages from the forum and general emails from the Committee will be sent from adminz@nissansportz.com It is this address you should be 'allowing'.


What settings can I change on the nissansportz forum?


There are a series of settings in your forum user Control Panel that relate to email notifications. Click on 'My Controls' toward the top of the nissansportz page and then scroll down to the 'Options' section on the left hand side. Click on 'Email Settings' to check and reconfigure what you have set. These include whether you wish to opt in or out of receiving emails sent by the Committee


From the 'Options' section you can also change the email address your account is linked with and enable/disable email notifications for PMs.


Where go I go from here?


I hope this goes some way to explaining how things work. I expect you haven't reviewed any of your control panel settings since you initially set up your account.


You might like to subscribe to a thread and get a buddy to send you some PMs, etc. to check if everything works.


As always, if in doubt ask :D

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