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350 Z Whould I ?


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I am on my second, it's by far not ideal for me because I have a 2 year old son however I do keep it for the times I get to play by myself.


I have to be honest and say out of all the fast bikes and cars I have had the Z is the one that gives me my biggest grin every time I go out to play.

I don't ride now, I miss it but I forget about it when I am out in the Z because the grin factor there is just as great :blush2:


I will tell you that within 30 seconds of test driving the Z my now wife turned around to me and said that well there was no point in test driving anything else because it was obvious that the Z was the car for me, that was 4 years ago... and it's still true today (although she has said I can get the GT-R when we have some spare change hanging around).

The User formally known as SimonD\NismoD.


Temper Orange Nismo GT, Nismo LMGT4's, StuartB Tonneau cover, Z mats (front and rear), Z tax disc, stubby antenna and Garmin Nuvi 660T, Stillen Dual Intakes and Stillen True Dual Exhaust arrived and fitted.


Gone but not forgotten :(

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