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Adrian Flux

Who's Coming To Steve's Meet On Sunday 9th April?

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Calling the following members...


VeilSide Z

















...and anyone else who hasn't signed up yet - go to this thread if you want to go in convoy round the M25 - http://forums.nissansportz.com/index.p...wtopic=3191&hl=


A to Zee to B

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im in london edgeware every weekend except next week, fiance is coming down to me then so unfortunately gonna miss out

Check out the link below for my profile and pics of my wedding and honeymoon and all other things mitch




'if you take the sun and multiply its heat 10 times over what you find is me'........this is y im hot

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Would love to come but unfortunately have a 12 hour shift at work! :lol:


Hope you all have a great day and the weather's good! :surrender:


Someone be sure to post a few piccies for those of us unfortunate enough not to be able to make it!

Kuro GT4 28 / 176 Gone - Replaced with Silver '56 Plate BMW Z4 Coupe 3.0Si Sport

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At the meet venue there could be as many as 20 Z's if all attend :surrender: :lol:


At the meeting point just off the M25 there could be up to 10 Z's if you guys from East Anglia get down slightly earlier. Come on be at J29 at 10:45am :o

This car is a quality build.... Nissan could learn something!

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I guess we could organise the East Anglia lot to be at J29


Can I get a show of hands who's leaving from Norfolk/Suffolk/Cambs?


In order to hook up at Junction 29 with everyone else, I'm setting off at 08:30 from Norwich driving the following route:



A140 - 8:35


A12 (Copdock, Ipswich) - 9:30


M25, J28 - 10:20



Then we should be able to meet at J29, M25 with everyone else at 10:30.



Anyone wants to convoy... PM me and exchange mobile numbers.



:: Sunset GT :: 18" Rays :: NitraBlack smoked taillights :: Injen Intake

:: bodycolour engine/battery/fluids cover :: Custom blue ground wires :: Nismo Aluminium antenna

:: Aluminium vents, sills :: Chrome grille :: Ice Blue interior LED lighting :: Alpine DVD

:: Alpine Sat Nav :: BIG smile after every roundabout :) :: My 350z Flickr Album

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Looks like I can still make it :cry:


Not sure if there is a convoy from West London. Is anyone coming from M40/M4/M3 side of the M25 :doh:




My REAL name is Simon


2005 Sunset Orange Coupe, full NISMO body kit, NISMO exhaust, 19" NISMO wheels with gloss black powdercoat finish, high flow cats, plenum spacer, K&N Cold Air Induction Intake, TomTom hardwired power supply, 350Z mats, StuartB tonneau cover (version 2 with embossed Z), Stubby aerial, Z logo valve caps, sat in my garage awaiting a nice sunny weekend!

Range Rover Vogue 4.4 V8 as daily driver and dog transporter :)

Range Rover Vogue as another weekend toy WRITTEN OFF

Honda Accord 2.2 CTDI Exec for the daily M3/M25/M1 grind to work) with a CD Auto changer that doesn't skip :) SOLD

Nissan 350Z 2004 GunMetal , GT Pack, Alezan Leather, New 18" Rays, Parking Sensors, Vent Trims, Z Tax Disc Holder, phone kit. NOW SOLD

Jaguar X-Type TDI NOW SOLD

Ford Focus TDI Ghia NOW SOLD

Honda Prelude 2.2 VTEC NOW SOLD

Honda VTR SP2 for the Summer NOW SOLD


He who dies with the most toys, WINS!!!

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