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Upcoming Calendar Event list.


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Is there any good reason why this list shows month, date, year and not the the correct day, month, year? Too much interference with the English language by our cousins from across the pond and the use of 'text speak' now seems to be in common use. Typical of everybody accepting lower standards these days. Long live 'The Concise Oxford Dictionary' :kicking: :kicking: :kicking:

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Previous 2010 370Z Coupe GT Premium Connect Vibrant Red. My introduction to the world of Zed.

Previous 2014 370Z Nismo v2 Vibrant Red. Sold.

Current Range Rover Evoque Autobiography 2 litre petrol turbo 290bhp.

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Haha! I noticed that changed after an upgrade a while ago. Thanks for reminding me, I'll get onto it :)

'A standard limited edition Yellow 370Z* with a plethora of minor bespoke mods'

*one of 40 don't you know!




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Quite right, Ajpac - and Australians just don't seem to be able to understand that it's 75 for 9, not 9 for 75 (when we're batting).

Often, when England are batting, either format would suffice.




Fred I - 350Z 2007 Gunmetal. 6 CD changer, full leather, reverse sensors. SOLD.
Fred II - 370Z GT 2011 Gunmetal. Premium connect. GT spec. Seriously un-modified. See-through windows, and a wheel at each corner. Sold 13 July 14. Gone.
Fred III - 2014 facelift 370GT. Magma red. Reversing sensors. Invidia Gemini CBE. Sold 2 April 2016.
Fred IV - 2016 Daytona Blue 370Z GT. Reversing sensors. K & N panel filters. Invidia Gemini CBE. Full front wrap - Ventureshield II.
Billy – 2022 Jaguar F-Type R 575PS. Portofino blue. Front ppf and full ceramic finish.

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