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Strange one this.!! I posted a topic few days ago about new tyres etc and all your comments and replies were appreciated. ? Eventually settled for 2 avon front tyres..but was a bit surprised by the comment from the fitter ! He said it would be a waste of time trying to track your front wheels as it would be a waste of time ..I pressed him further on his comments and he said it needs to go on a special alignment system that tests the camber or words to that effect..apparently it gives a print out on what the cars doing etc..has anyone had this experience before with tracking on there 350z..and is it unusual to be told that normal everyday tracking wouldnt be good enough..??

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He might have been doing you a favour by telling you that their alignment system is out of date and isn't capable of measuring all the necessary geometry.


Nowadays it's usual to receive and before and after printout :)

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'A standard limited edition Yellow 370Z* with a plethora of minor bespoke mods'

*one of 40 don't you know!




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Cheers paul..im taking it to a place in brackley and was told you get a printout of what the car is doing ! Its a free check and than you make up your mind what and how much you wanna pay to rectify any problems...strange though cps my audi tt went straight on to normal tracking with no problems ..just a bit weird why he suggested this special type of alignment

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