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The infamous tyre thread


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I know this has been mentioned before but most posts are old'ish. I want to replace the rubber on my13 Nismo and need your help? Just a normal quickish driver, no track days and not a lot of winter driving in the zed.


Some posts say have the fronts different as they do most of the removal of rain soaked roads others say all 4 the same


Some say Pilot Super Sports others Hankook.


Just need the forums long term advise as to not make a massive and expensive mistake.


At home fitting near Bristol or go to a tyre fitting depot. Bit nervy to allow an unknown to play with the rays and whilst researching there can be £100 per tyre price difference



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Not sure if the Nismo requirements are any different to the ordinary 370 Jim. Someone will be along soon with their latest experience of a full boot change and prices. I'm sure all of the previously posted advice still stands, except I believe MPSS may have been withdrawn in the last 6 months.



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I think if you want to Spend the money Conti's or Michelin. I have Hankook and they are fine. Bridgestone's were the original tyre. Personally if I had the money I would have Conti's - others swear by Michelin. Stay away from Avon - or anything you have never heard of :lol:

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You can still get mpss and to be honest I wouldn't have anything else. I track my car and they are by far the best tyres I've had on the car.


Drip in both wet and dry are great and they wear well. I have done donington x2, Anglesey, nürburgring, 3000miles round Europe and still managed to last the year.


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