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Advice on Winter Tyres


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I'm thinking about getting some.


Having looked on the Oponeo website, I'm drawn to these - Hankook Winter i*cept evo2 W320 245/40 R19 98 V XL, MFS.


They are fairly reasonably priced and they get good customer reviews.


I just wonder if it's worth getting winter tyres at all (never had any in the past), or should I just stick with the Bridgestones? Do they actually make any difference, or is it just a case of 'emperor's new clothes'?


A to Zee to B

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I have winter tyres on my spare set of wheels. A few winters ago I was running Bridgestones and when it snowed I couldn't get out of my estate - I had the choice of a long slight incline Vs a short steeper hill to climb. I tried both repeatedly (even in reverse!) and I couldn't manage either.


After that I picked up a 2nd hand set of Pirelli Sottozero from someone on here. Since then it's not snowed :lol:


But, I can say they compound is very obviously different. The winter tyres are so much softer and almost feel sticky to touch. Whereas the Bridgestones feel like plastic when they are cold.


I don't much like the feel of the car on the winter tyres. It feels quite lose. But I guess that's because the tyres have deeper tread and the blocks move around a lot more because they are softer. It took me a little getting used to but they never lost grip.


I think general advice is that winter tyres give better braking than normal tyres below 5 degrees. So I tend to put my winters on for a few months when it gets cold.

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I'm with Zee Zee on this. If the road conditions are so poor as to need winter tyres, I'll leave it in the garage. I appreciate that others here have to use their cars as a DD.


Following what Paul wrote in post 2 above, when it snowed here in the winter of 11/12 I couldn't even get off the drive for 10 days because we never get the road cleared/gritted/salted - and it is absolutely flat. 300 yards away the next road was open to all vehicles a day after the snow fell because of the heavy passage of traffic and it had been gritted because it was a school run.

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I know the BMW driver swear by them, indeed the dealer even had a service to store the old wheels and supply new ones. And swap them once a year.


I drove the 350z a few times in snow and it was ok, but I am mainly using main routes. I drove the nismo in slight snow last year and again it was ok. But the year we had massive snow. I left the car at home and took the bus. I would do the same again if I am honest. I have seen some amazing videos' with BMW's with Snow tyres there is a classic with a 1 Series and that was just dangerous with normal tyres in snow.




So If you need to use the car - I would say they are a great idea. Personally - if it gets that bad I think I will keep the Zed at home.

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Forget about the car , I stay in bed if its thats snowy


Thanks to living in a valley if the weather dictates the need for snow tyres then the roads will be blocked with truck and cars , I switch the electric blanket back on and roll over until wandering down the pub lunchtime , I love snow days :)

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