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Silverstone Classic 2019 Contribution Guidance (Full 2019 Members Only)


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*** PLEASE READ *** Important Information about Members Refund - Silverstone Classic 2019


This only applies to fully paid up members for 2019 - who are attending the Silverstone Classic Event on any or all of the following dates - 26th, 27th and 28th July 2019.


To Celebrate the 50th - the Club is going to subsidise this event. As follows


Attend any 1 Day (of the 3 day event) and Receive 30% refund from the club back from your Ticket Price*

Attend any 2 Days (of the 3 day event) and Receive 40% refund from the club back from your Ticket Price*

Attend All 3 Days and Receive 50% refund from the club back from your Ticket Price*.

*All Prices based on Super Early Bird Pricing



Important Terms and Conditions.


1. Refund paid to Full 2019 Members only. (Where there are two full member in a single car only one refund will be paid)

2. The refund is based on the Super Early Bird Pricing. For a Single Super Early Bird Ticket (allowing entry of two adults) - Excluding applicable Transaction Fees or selected Add-on's e.g. camping or


3. The Refund will be made to ONLY those members who attend the 2019 Silverstone Classic event exhibiting a car on the arranged club stand. No refund will be earned by non-attendees/no shows or those in

public parking.

4. Payment will be made after the event has taken place via Bank Transfer and arrangement will be made to get the necessary information to achieve this.

5. To be eligible for this you will need to ensure you sign the register every day and are a full member for 2019 - 'traded' tickets will not be eligible for the refund.

6. The Club register will be kept as a record of who attended and allow a refund to be issued by the club treasurer. Members with a 3 day pass attending a single day or two days will receive a refund based only on

the days they attended and exhibited on the club stand - not for the entire 3 days. Unfortunately arriving late and subsequently ending up in the public parking will forfeit that days refund.

7. In the case of someone attending Friday and Sunday - the refund will be based on the Friday and Saturday refund. quoted below at £32.80


Please speak to either LESmo or Paul_S each day to sign the attendance sheet (they will know where it is). Unfortunately failing to sign it will forfeit the refund for that day. Any questions please ask.



Refunds are based on the Super Early Bird Pricing Available for the event. And are used regardless of the date of ticket purchase.


3 DAY WEEKEND - £49.50 refund
2 DAY FRI&SAT - £32.80 refund
2 DAY SAT&SUN - £37.60 refund
FRIDAY - £12.90 refund
SATURDAY - £21.60 refund
SUNDAY - £18.00 refund


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