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Good Afternoon from Northumberland

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Not long to go now then...


With high flow cats, you'll be a little louder than what I have given feedback on. Let us know what you think. I worry it will be too loud for me but it's so hard to know...

Yes, I think I may have jumped into the deep end..... before I’ve even started swimming!


I’m going to try and get some recordings done of stock vs HFC vs the whole shebang!


If I can find my video recorder that has a fixed mic level setting, I’ll use that - the problem with most people’s YT videos is that they’re using the recording capabilities of their iPhones, or GoPros - or even when utilising a decent mic, they still have it plugged into a camera that automatically adjusts it own levels - so HFCs, Tails, CatBacks and the like are all recorded at a similar volume - and we don’t get to hear the real difference!


Which means I could be in for a bit of a shock when I fire the whole lot up! :D


I popped down to the local garage to let them see what’s going to be involved, and had a look under myself while I was there.


The CatBack would need replacing in the not too distant future anyway, so the fact I’ve got the Invidia waiting to go on is a bonus. The heat shields around the stock Cats are coming away with corrosion too. The ‘W’? brace has quite a lot of corrosion on it - I think a good going over with a steel brush and some hammerite should see it lasting a few more years though. Apart from that, it looks quite tidy. :thumbs:

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