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Well after 5 years of joyful ownership of a Pearl White 2009 370Z GT, I sold it earlier today.


With it being sat on the drive 99.9% of the time and only doing less than 600 miles in a year, it did not make financial sense to keep it.


I dont have a garage or a place to dry store it, so I thought it best to get rid in the hope that it would fall into the hands of someone who will be able to give it the care it needs.


Thanks for helping me out with the Z these past few years.


Ill keep lurking on the forum and you never know, I might end up with another Z in the future.


Kind regards



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Hope all works out well for you Aiden. Dont be a stranger on here. You never know when the Z in your blood might resurface!

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Hi Mate, sorry to see it go, but understandable and its never forever, stay around, you have experience that new owners will always benefit from, its a tough choice when you don't have the space - I know I have pretty much dominated a visitor space since March with mine and its not straight forward, what it is to have a big drive or lots of parking.


Anyway onwards as they say but stick around. You are always welcome here, we have may people on here who haven't owned a Zed for years.

Current - 2014 (14) 370z NISMO in Storm White #229, JDM Carbon Nismo Kickplates, JDM Carbon Nismo B Pillars, Nismo Tyre Caps, Nismo Oil Cap, K&N Filters, MY15 Nismo Start Button. GT-R Dome Lens Covers - LED Lights (Interior, trunk & numberplate) - Demand Engineering Full Valved Custom Exhaust System. Custom Blank Button Delete Z1 LHP Upgraded Hatch Struts

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Such a shame that you had to sell your much loved car, never good having a car like that parked outside and not driving it as often as you would like.


Hopefully you will be back behind the wheel of another sometime in the future.


Vicky x

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Glad you’ve sold it if that’s what mattered right now Aiden. Keep lurking and chatting and share if you get something else no matter what it it.


Sarah :hello:

07765 406665
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Sorry to see you go mate. Do stay around and show off your new mota :)

'A standard limited edition Yellow 370Z* with a plethora of minor bespoke mods'

*one of 40 don't you know!




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