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Need a new set of tyres for my supercharged Nismo.

Preferred Tyres would be Michelin MP4S, however the 245/40r19 are only available in MP4. 

Not entirely happy with fitting MP4 front and MP4S rears.

Anyone fitted a set of MP4 to their Nismo, or have any recommendations.

I think the MP4S fronts would be available if I opted for 255 instead of 245.


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I have MPS4 on the front and MPS4s on the rear.  Aesthetically they are slightly different.  As I understand it from watching reviews at the time the MPS4 gives similar performance to the Cup Tire in the Previous generation and the 4S is a step up - I watched a number of videos and on tracks the 4S is the better tyre  but has two compounds unlike the 4- on the road it doesn't make a lot of difference (to me anyway).  Has handled flooded roads well, good grip (given the Zed can understeer).  Went through a winter and although we didn't have too much snow it wasn't too bad certainly on ICE.    I know some Nismo owners have 4S on all corners and If I could I would as well.  But I was like you it wasn't available in the Size.  Wear as expected is good.  So much nicer tyre and I had previously had Continental Sport 6, Hankook and Bridgestone on the Zed.



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Thanks for your responses and feedback.

I think I’m going to do for 255/40r19 PS4S front, 10mm wider than the standard tyre. So within tolerance for a 9” 

The tyre will be 3mm taller, however the spedo should only vary by around 1%

Went to order the tyres at Costco yesterday but was told by a friend that Costco may be doing a special offer next week for Black Friday. They are currently offering £100 off for the set up to Sunday this week.

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