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Infiniti Q60 3L Tyres


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Hi all

Which Tyres would you recommend for a Q60 Sport Tech 3L.

Originally they were 245/40 ZR19 Runflat when I bought the car it had cheap EP tyres 245/40 ZR19 98Y XL none runflat tyres but they slide all over the road in the wet.

I have chatted to Infinity about this & they said the runflat are recommended.

Obviously I want the best grip possible, I believe that the suspension has been set up for the runflat as the tyre walls a harder.

Dose anyone have any comments on this

I hope that you are keeping well at this time.


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I’ve only ever fitted oem runflats on the GTR. They can be repaired. I’m assuming they are Bridgestone?
Is it worth  buggering the handling and safety of the car with non runflat tyres just to save a few pounds?

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I agree with Paul K. If the car was designed for runflats the suspension settings will be for those.

Punctures in runflats can be repaired if they are in the centre two thirds of the tread AND you havent ruined the sidewalls by driving too fast or stressfully when they are underinflated.

They are designed to get you to home/ repair centre at reduced speed. On one occasion I picked up a puncture at the end of the day at Silverstone and was advised by the Dunlop crew, who had already packed up, to drive home carefully and take the car to my fitter on Monday morning. And as it was a slow puncture they inflated it to 65psi (!) to ensure I didnt stress the sidewalls on the 40 mile journey.

Damaged sidewalls cant be repaired - new tyre obligatory.

Punctures can be plugged like normal tyres (as long as they arent in the sidewall)

Some tyre fitters hate runflats as they require more fitting care. And some head offices will also issue a directive not to repair to avoid potential comebacks.

 More competent places can be convinced to repair if you can show you've driven knowledgably.


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Thanks for the help guys .

I have replaced all four tyres on the Q60 with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 245/40 R19 XL ZP.

I have read that runflats give a harder ride and are noisier the grip felt lot better straight away.

Actually it feels a softer ride and possibly quieter then the tyres that Arnold Clark put on the car to sell it.

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