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New but older 370z owner

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Hello and merry Xmas to all, I've had my z for just over 5 weeks and am really happy with the car, but it's been a rocky start , pop up warning light on because the dealer fitted a new headlight washer, the Mazda dealer couldn't fix it so they drove it to the Nissan dealer and all good,then after not having an accident in 40 years of driving a lady ran her suv into the passengers side rear panel, insurance all good on her part but can't be done till the 18th of January, finger's crossed the bad is gone and now it's all about enjoying a proper sports car.

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Welcome to nissansportz Marko. Lots of Z knowledge on here so feel free to ask questions.


And tell us more about your car (we like pics too)!

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Thanks for your reply, it's a 2015 in pearl white, I lived in the foothills of Perth Western Australia and having a property on 15 acres I had a 4 wheel drive, but then met a girl who convinced me to sell and move closer to town, well after that went pear shaped and their was just me and the dog I decided it was time to realise my dream of having a car I always wanted and that was a 1982 Alfa Romeo gtv, i bought and did one up and got back the thrill of driving a sports car again, as I wasn't using the 4wd anymore it was an opportunity to trade that in and by another sports car but one that was more modern, I looked around at modern Alfas, BMW, even Mercedes, and just couldn't find an engine that I liked ,2 litre turbos just don't do it for me, i looked at the Toyota 86/Subaru brz that had a 2 litre that needs peping up , even looked at Porsche but in the end that body shape and engine for the price are unbeatable, I'm getting on a bit and these two cars are so different but still make me look forward to driving them, I'm hoping to find some useful information from all on the forum, cheers.

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Hi Marko, and thanks for the rundown on your cars. I echo the sentiments of JohnFK above - there are many folks with long Zed histories here, and a correspondingly large knowledge base. I’m not sure about the nuances of the Australian Zed variant versus the UK one, but if you do have questions on anything at all, we will do our best to answer them.

Sorry to hear about the panel damage - hope that gets sorted in January. Have you got any photos of the drivers side?!!

Have a safe (and summery) Xmas in WA!


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Welcome Marko!

Ah, that feeling of annoyance is one I know well sadly. I'm not quite as OCD as some on here but any marks or damage on the car just winds me up, so I sympathise and hope you get her fixed soon.

Share a pic when you get a minute. Have you any plans to modify or the such?


(Have a Merry Christmas tomorrow :thumbs:)

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Hi, I looked at this sight for possibilities and one member had a video of the new ends that He put On his z and I've already ordered them, there such a good sport car that they needed just a little bit more of a menacing noise hopefully not droning at cruising speed, but for the price they look ideal, my Xmas present to myself, have a great Xmas, cheers

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Hi Marko, and welcome to the OC :)

'A standard limited edition Yellow 370Z* with a plethora of minor bespoke mods'

*one of 40 don't you know!




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