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The "How Many Left" conundrum


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I've followed the 370 Nismo V1 and 2 discussion with quite a bit of interest. Mainly because the records of the DVLA (on which the data is based) should be really useful but for whatever reasons it can be a pita.

I decided to look at the 350Z listings and of course there is more than one variant showing. There is a separate selection for the "350Z GT4", understandably, but there then two others: "350Z" and "350 Z". How the latter one came about I've no idea! I wonder how a new model gets listed?

So for any 350Z analysis, I need to add the results of those two together. Add to that that the 350Z GT4 numbers only total up to 160-something when 176 were imported so I'm assuming that some dealerships didnt bother to look further than the first option and dropped a few GT4s into the 350Z vanilla variant.

I havent looked at the 370Z variants but have looked at the GT-R ones and they are even worse than the 350Z ones.

Perhaps there's scope for some kind of summarised list to be published by ???

P.s. And in case anyone is wondering there "appear to be" 150+ GT4s still existing!


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